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wausauloner - Thu Jul 28 2011

06:52 AM #
Cruising around on my bike with the infant carrier trailing behind today, going back to houses I've scrounged from for some specific things.

06:55 AM #
I have a post-zompocalypse shopping list of special requests from Sue, for her infirmary out at the Farm Colonies. Mostly household things.

06:58 AM #
So I'm checking bathrooms in abandoned homes for Ace, cloth, and adhesive bandages; antibacterial sprays and ointments; and even toothpaste.

08:34 AM #
@Rhuri It's a combination of both, really. Stores that weren't swarmed by zombies were swarmed by people. Stuff is inaccessible or gone.

09:01 AM #
I just picked up the mother lode of dental supplies at the remains of Szmanda Dental, where I saw signs of human-zombie combat from Z-day.

09:03 AM #
I can tell the fighting happened on Z-day because the doors were barricaded hastily and there were several mostly-eaten zombies inside.

09:06 AM #
Their location was too close to the main swarm on Z-day. It would hit a building like a tide, dozens of zombies feeding as each human died.

09:09 AM #
Now, almost 2 years since the horde moved past these victims, the torn-up zombies they became are easily dealt with--stench not withstanding

09:12 AM #
Sue will be happy. I've salvaged enough toothpaste, dental floss, and sterile items here to provide for hundreds of zompocalypse survivors.

05:14 PM #
There was so much good stuff to salvage at Szmanda Dental after I re-killed the zombies there that I went back with the Tahoe and filled it.

05:17 PM #
I just got back from taking the haul to the Farm Colonies' seek-&-destroy zombie-killing/salvage teams. I got it into the semi just in time.