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wausauloner - Fri Jul 29 2011

06:28 AM #
My solar patio-light pit trap snagged a wandering zombie overnight. It's kind of like a slow-motion bug zapper for the undead. #zompocalypse

08:52 AM #
I found an abandoned home that must have been owned by a movie buff before the zombies rose. The walls are lined with shelves of DVDs!

08:55 AM #
I think I'll pick out a few, then grab a big screen TV out of a delivery truck full of 'em on I39, and have a #zompocalypse movie night.

08:58 AM #
Though, for it to be a real break, I think I'll avoid horror flicks of all kinds, including zombie movies, of course. Maybe some comedies.

09:01 AM #
I don't think I can afford this luxury very often, but at least this time of year my solar panels always keep my battery arrays topped off.

09:07 AM #
@Azulien I don't see it in the S section. Or the classics selection.

09:10 AM #
@Azulien Ah, found a placeholder for it. The movie buff must have lent it out to someone named Jeff.

10:20 AM #
I picked out a bunch of movies. Tonight, I'm watching a classic: "You Can't Take It With You." It's the feel-good movie of the zompocalypse.

02:12 PM #
One thing I've got plenty of for my movie night is popcorn. I've found unspoiled microwave popcorn in almost every abandoned home's pantry.

02:15 PM #
But the closest I can get to a movie-theater drink is Kool-Aid. Pop cans burst in the first freeze after the zombies wrecked civilization.

07:21 PM #
Well, I enjoyed my first movie since the zombies rose. Turns out, "You Can't Take It With You" kind of inspires one to live the simple life.