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wausauloner - Sat Jul 30 2011

06:01 AM #
Time for me to get organized for winter. I'm picking more ripe vegetables than I can eat each day, so I will start preserving some. #zombies

06:04 AM #
I've already started to build up my stores for winter with venison jerky, dried fish, and scrounged dry goods from abandoned homes. #zombies

08:10 AM #
Awhile back, I burned a few nearby houses that were near the highway & scorched the exteriors of others (to make the area look well-looted).

08:13 AM #
Now I'm glad I limited most of the damage to convincing cosmetics, sparing some of the actual structures because they're good drying sheds.

08:16 AM #
I've got peas and tomato slices laid out on screens just inside the empty window frames and strings of peppers hanging from light fixtures.

08:19 AM #
All these dried veggies will feed me well over the winter--my third since the zompocalypse began.

10:31 AM #
Just got a call on our secure Marathon County law enforcement radio net: One of Pete's early warning stations to the far west went quiet.

10:34 AM #
It could be nothing, but we will take no chances. Pete's sending out scouts and readying a backup force. Everyone else is on the alert.

10:37 AM #
Our fear is that one of the large predatory survivor groups--like the cannibal gangs or the Rapture's Reapers cult--may discover us. #zombie

01:53 PM #
I'm a little frustrated, being on the far side of friendly territory from where the action is. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

04:15 PM #
Some of Pete's scouts are on-site at the early warning station. A young couple that was stationed there seem to have disappeared. #zombies

04:18 PM #
There are no signs of combat or zombie attack, but the couples' bikes are gone and so is their radio. Interesting answers.

06:45 PM #
@LuckySenior Yep, designed and built it with some buds I used to work construction with.

08:42 PM #
@LuckySenior No, none of those guys lived. As far as I know. Only one confirmed dead: @carlphillipstv

08:53 PM #
@CityPagesPat @carlphillipstv A reporter who died on duty.

09:31 PM #
Rod and Tina--the couple missing from the early warning station--just called in on the secure radio network. They're whispering they are OK.

09:34 PM #
They've been shadowing a convoy of vehicles that passed by their outpost this morning. The convoy made camp, so they can finally check in.

09:37 PM #
The convoy is near Athens. Rod and Tina are trying to get a handle on who they are and if they pose any threat to our local survivor groups.

10:24 PM #
I am missing most of what is being reported about the convoy. Storm interference. But it sounds like Pete's scouts are getting it all.