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wausauloner - Tue Aug 02 2011

06:04 AM #
Hello? Can anybody read me? Am I back in range yet? #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

06:06 AM #
@mutedogbrewing I appreciate that, but if I get there, it means the zombie plague is there too. I wouldn't wish that on your world.

06:07 AM #
Ah, good. It's been an eventful couple of days. The convoy Rod & Tina had been shadowing had us worried. Their description sounded familiar.

06:10 AM #
More to the point, the description of two of their vehicles had us worried: They were using semis with livestock trailers--like the Reapers.

06:13 AM #
All the early warning outposts were/are watching the roads for the Reapers and their armored livestock trailers. #zombies #zompocalypse

06:16 AM #
Last fall, in Necedah, I saw Reapers collecting zombies in armored tractor-trailer rigs. They were going to use them as modern "fire ships."

06:19 AM #
The Reapers were using the rigs to break through the outer defenses of Fort McCoy, which they had under siege. They're a nasty zombie cult.

06:22 AM #
As it turned out, watching the convoy's camp revealed the trailers were full of actual livestock. But Rod & Tina were right to raise alarms.

06:52 AM #
@grork hold on...signal is intermittent.

07:02 AM #
After our party got in close to the convoy's camp, we got a good look at it with our binoculars. We saw 23 people, including several kids.

07:05 AM #
Everyone in the convoy was armed, but that's not unusual these days. Only a few seemed to be comfortable with their weapons. #zompocalypse

07:08 AM #
Besides the rigs, the convoy used an ancient tractor (retrofitted to use a wood gassification system) hauling a 5th wheel, some bikes...

07:11 AM #
...a few motorcyles, and--get this--four electric golf carts! They had solar panels from highway road signs mounted to their roofs. #zombies

07:14 AM #
It was certainly a rag-tag convoy. Fortunately, the slow vehicles within it made it possible for Rod & Tina to shadow and keep up with it.

08:01 AM #
After watching the convoy's camp for awhile, we decided they were an industrious bunch of scared civilians, not predatory survivors.

08:04 AM #
A few of us approached their camp under a flag of truce and made contact. They were very scared at first. Then relieved. #zompocalypse

08:07 AM #
Turns out they were part of a small survivor colony that had been taking shelter from the zombies in a remote wooded area near Babcock.

08:10 AM #
A week ago, they had a run-in with some Rapture's Reapers on a nearby road. They lost track of them, then saw them again near their enclave.

08:13 AM #
They'd taken in a runaway from the doomsday cult, so they knew what would happen next: The Reapers would come back and take all they had.

08:16 AM #
So the enclave packed up all they could and sent the convoy north. A group of 18 experienced fighters stayed behind to slow down the Reapers

08:19 AM #
Their camp near Athens was the rendezvous point where the fighters would rejoin the civilians and their small escort--tomorrow, hopefully.

09:39 AM #
The people in the convoy were just starting to relax their guard while we talked when they heard we were from around Wausau. Their reaction:

09:42 AM #
Well, that's when things got complex. First they had heard all our false CB radio traffic that made us sound bigger and more well-armed.

09:45 AM #
So I guess you could say that part of our defensive plan is working, at least on them (and on the Reapers, according to the escapee) #zombie

09:48 AM #
But along with wary respect from believing they were in the presence of a powerful survivor group was barely contained real terror. Of us.

09:51 AM #
A couple of the children broke out in tears and ran from our presence, calling us "the doomed." #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

09:54 AM #
Of course, they were right. We've known for some time that those of us who spent time near The Anomaly that appeared near Wausau ARE doomed.

09:57 AM #
The zombie plague is somehow linked to The Anomaly, causing those exposed to it to reanimate as zombies after they die. It started it all.

10:01 AM #
The plague spread world-wide through infectious bites since Z-day, but I and others will likely reanimate after death, bite or not.

10:50 AM #
I'm heading back out of range again to return to the convoy camp with even more of our people and our best weapons and fighting equipment...

10:53 AM #
Late last night, a man from the fighting group left behind arrived at the Athens rendezvous point. He said the Reapers were coming. #zombies

10:56 AM #
Pete and some of his advisers decided this was an opportunity to give the Reapers a bloody nose and keep them disinterested in our area...

10:59 AM #
So we're going to help these people and take on the Reapers, hopefully surprising them with much more firepower than they expected.

11:02 AM #
I don't much like the idea of fighting & killing other survivors of the zombie plague, but the Reaper cult are a twisted bunch of murderers.

11:25 AM #
Looks like I'm on my last bar. I hope you hear from me again. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse