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wausauloner - Wed Aug 03 2011

01:03 PM #
I'm in Sue's infirmary in the main farm colony west of Wausau, along with several others wounded in our battle with the Rapture's Reapers.

01:06 PM #
I'm going to be OK. I took a slug square in the chest, but an armored vest I salvaged off the body of a long-dead officer saved my life.

01:09 PM #
Still, the shot knocked me on my ass. It took the wind out of me (and me out of the battle) and left me with a bruise the size of my fist.

01:12 PM #
There fighting was still going on when I was evacuated here with the other wounded, but reports say our side is winning. #zompocalypse

01:15 PM #
I came in with five other wounded fighters. One of our guys, four from the survivors of the convoy's rear guard. They're an exhausted bunch.

01:18 PM #
They had been fighting a running battle with a contingent from the Rapture's Reapers for over 60 miles. It was all guerrilla stuff.

01:21 PM #
The guy on the next bed, who is sporting a few nasty cuts on his face after the windscreen on his cycle got hit, told me what happened:

01:24 PM #
The Reapers were ambushed from behind as they set up their attack on the evacuated enclave near Babcock. Damage was light, but important.

01:27 PM #
The Reaper unit lost their heavy vehicles to a few well-tossed Molotov cocktails. Stan, the wounded guy, thinks they got their radios, too.

01:30 PM #
After the initial surprise, the Reapers' superior numbers (100+) began to tell & the Babcock enclave's fighters broke contact--they thought.

01:33 PM #
Instead, the Reapers' proved to be quite tenacious. They figured out which direction Stan and the others went and gave chase. #zompocalypse

01:36 PM #
More in a bit... Sue wants me to help her change some dressings on a woman with a bullet crease on the side of her head. #zompocalypse

02:23 PM #
Back. Poor woman has a concussion. ...In the long flight north, Stan and the others' retreat used every delaying trick they could think of.

02:26 PM #
...They used rifle fire from hills flanking the road north...They moved wrecks into blocking positions & shot at the Reapers clearing them.

02:29 PM #
...They knocked down a bridge in Dexterville, lured a zombie horde onto the road in Pittsville, led a false trail into Marshfield...

02:32 PM #
But while they were able to slow the Reapers, the cultists always swarmed around each obstacle, forcing Stan and the others to retreat.

02:35 PM #
The Reapers were persistent. They knew the Babcock survivors had two precious trailer loads of meat on the hoof and they wanted it. Bad.

02:38 PM #
It's a measure of how insane the Reaper cultists must be that they traded life after life (albeit from their lower ranks) in that pursuit.

04:13 PM #
Back again. Another load of wounded came in. I helped Sue and her assistants with the little I've picked up during all my time around her.

04:16 PM #
The runner that came up from the delaying actions intended to tell the civilians the rendezvous was off, but our presence changed things.

04:19 PM #
Pete committed over a hundred of his people to the action. Not a decisive numerical advantage, but we hoped our radios & mobility would be.

04:22 PM #
We made contact with the retreating guerrilla fighters and worked with them to set up a horseshoe-shaped trap between Hwy 29 and Athens.

04:25 PM #
Sue needs my help. Gotta go.