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wausauloner - Thu Aug 04 2011

05:23 AM #
The pain in my chest did not allow me to sleep well at all last night. Sue thinks I probably have a cracked rib. It hurts when I breathe.

05:26 AM #
But my injury is nothing compared to some others here in Sue's infirmary. And a couple of our people are dead. Damned Reapers won't give up.

06:15 AM #
We set up our trap and had the remaining Babcock fighters retreat through our position. We were hidden well. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

06:18 AM #
The top of the horseshoe was hidden behind a low rise to the north. The prongs were behind similar horizons to the E & W of Hwy 97 on 29.

06:21 AM #
The plan was to let the Reapers chase the Babcock fighters up Hwy 97 & across Hwy 29 towards Athens. That's where my part came into play.

06:24 AM #
I was hiding in some nearby woods with a radio, ready to call our hidden vehicles in the two prongs of the horseshoe to move in & close it.

06:27 AM #
I was supposed to make the call when the rear of the Reaper column passed over the overpass so we could trap the whole Reaper contingent.

06:30 AM #
I did so, then left my hiding place to get up on the bridge and keep an eye on the cultists' progress north. But I saw something unexpected.

07:23 AM #
A small group of Reapers--one of them obviously the unit's leader, as he was decked out in tacky robes and carried a harpoon--stayed behind.

07:26 AM #
A quick word about the Reaper "harpoon" for anyone who hasn't received my updates for long: It's both a weapon & a twisted religious symbol.

07:29 AM #
A Reaper harpoon is essentially a stout spear with a barbed tip and a cross-piece. A Reaper will jab it into a zombie's chest, securing it.

07:32 AM #
The cross-piece prevents the zombie from crawling up the weapon to attack the wielder while the zombie is steered into a truck or pen.

07:35 AM #
Well, the Reaper leader was waiting for a zombie in a nearby field to approach. Behind him: a horse-drawn trailer carrying prisoners.

07:38 AM #
Two other Reapers were nearby, already staking one of the prisoners to the ground in a pose of supplication in front of a stop sign.

07:41 AM #
Two more were quickly attaching a pre-made structure the size of an old phone booth to the stop sign. I'd seen the sick result before:

07:44 AM #
It's their own twisted take on the old roadside shrines found in some rural parts of Wisconsin. Only the Reapers put a "live" zombie inside.

07:47 AM #
They use heavy gauge wire to secure the zombie in place, running the wire around the zombie's ribs and, in this case a stop sign.

07:50 AM #
The warped shrines serve to mark Reaper territory, intimidate the flock, & are part of a punishment ritual for nonbelievers & rule-breakers.

07:53 AM #
When I saw what was about to happen, I pulled out my bow & shot one of the Reapers with the prisoner. I got the other before being detected.

07:56 AM #
The Reaper leader took cover behind the prisoner wagon while his 2 underlings opened up on me. I got behind a burned out car, awaiting help.

07:59 AM #
Soon, I heard the engines of our troops that had been hidden out of sight to the east and west on 29. The Reaper firing stopped. I stood up.

08:02 AM #
I called out to the Reapers to surrender. They could see they were outnumbered and trapped. They didn't. That's when they shot me.

08:05 AM #
The next thing I knew, Kurt was splashing water on my face, telling me the trap was sealed. The 3 remaining Reapers had fled north into it.

09:30 AM #
Just got another update from what we're now calling, "The Battle of Athens." The Reapers tried another breakout attempt. Again unsuccessful.

09:33 AM #
Our people have the advantage of mobility and secure communications. When our observers see a shift of their forces, ours can shift faster.

09:36 AM #
The Reapers have refused repeated requests to surrender. To them, we are unbelievers & they are waging a holy war they are destined to win.

09:39 AM #
Anon, their leader, must be incredibly charismatic. But I guess apocalyptic cults have always been extremist, even before the real thing.

10:34 AM #
The contingent of Reapers our people are fighting near Athens is just a small portion of the large and scary cult of predatory survivors.

10:37 AM #
Our hope is that by defeating this Reaper task force, we'll send a signal to Anon that this area is not worth a takeover attempt. #zombies

11:33 AM #
@Autumnbuck It is a risk. Though if we don't do something to discourage him we think he will strike out in our direction eventually anyway.

02:43 PM #
Victory! The local Reaper leader was finally taken out. When he went down, some of the Reapers made a suicidal charge. The rest surrendered.