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wausauloner - Fri Aug 05 2011

06:43 AM #
The last of the wounded from The Battle of Athens are now here at Sue's infirmary--including twelve captured Reapers. #zompocalypse #zombies

06:46 AM #
This place has never been so full! Fortunately, two of Sue's assistants (who had been providing first aid & triage at the battle) are back.

06:49 AM #
In addition to the wounded, there are also a lot of armed guards watching over the capture Reapers. Time for me to check out of this place.

08:04 AM #
Of the 18 experienced fighters that bought time for the rest of the Babcock enclave to escape the Reapers, only Stan and 6 others survived.

08:07 AM #
Three of the wounded had been captured by the Reapers. Their injuries weren't attended to and are infected. They probably won't make it.

08:10 AM #
The other three are suffering from minor injuries and should recover, now that they have gotten some food and some rest. #zompocalypse

09:13 AM #
We believe the entire Reaper contingent, minus the prisoners, was wiped out. We still have people out sweeping the battlefield to make sure.

09:16 AM #
I'm told we also have a crew tracing the Reapers' route of advance backwards. Pete wants any shrines they might have left behind destroyed.

09:19 AM #
Soon, Anon will know he lost a full contingent of 100 fighters without a trace in the same general area where some of his scouts vanished...

09:22 AM #
The question is, will that make him more wary of sending any of his forces this way, or will it make him want to come at us with everything?

09:25 AM #
From what we've heard from recent refugees, Anon may be too busy with the cannibal gangs to his east to focus on us. Thanks, cannibals!

09:27 AM #
@JaysonArenas We are debating that question right now.

10:42 AM #
Pete just told me he lost 3 people and expects a fourth to die of her wounds. 27 more--plus me--were wounded, and most of them will be fine.

10:45 AM #
This was one of the few times we broke out all the body armor we've scrounged over the last 21 months. It saved many lives. #zompocalypse

01:24 PM #
The few surviving Reapers are all lower-caste underlings. We are trying to figure out which ones are hardcore cultists. All claim not to be.

01:27 PM #
We have to figure out what to do with these Reaper prisoners. Some may have faced a "join us or die" scenario. The cult recruits by force.

01:30 PM #
Others may have been brainwashed by Anon and might be able to be deprogrammed. We have some hard choices ahead of us.