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wausauloner - Sat Aug 06 2011

06:53 AM #
The Reaper prisoners have been divided into 2 groups: those we think are irredeemable, and those we think only joined the cult under duress.

06:56 AM #
We have more than their claims to go on: Sue and the other medicos found evidence of the lash on the backs of some of them. #zompocalypse

06:59 AM #
The Reaper prisoners are under constant heavy guard & close observation. Pete wants to know which ones are leaders, followers, outsiders...

07:02 AM #
...and each of them is being periodically questioned. In addition to determining their level of guilt as cultists, we're getting good intel.

09:50 AM #
One of the cultist prisoners is a woman who claims to have been the unwilling concubine of the Reaper cleric in charge of their contingent.

09:53 AM #
Last fall, I met two women who had escaped from Reaper sex slavery. One had been recaptured and died from the brutal wounds of her "penance"

09:56 AM #
The other, a woman named Carol, died in my presence under Reaper pursuit. She and Ellen, a brief companion of mine, had become friends.

09:59 AM #
Ellen had recently been rescued from the same situation with a group of raiders up north. Their shared experience gave them a special bond.

10:02 AM #
Ellen was a determined, skilled, even ruthless fighter of both the zombies and predators like the Reaper cult. I knew her too briefly.

10:05 AM #
Ellen sacrificed her freedom so that I could warn others about the danger the Reapers posed. She was taken and returned to servitude.

10:08 AM #
It was all in Ellen's plan: She hoped to get near Anon & kill him, thus, perhaps, ending the insanity of his evil Reaper cult. #zompocalypse

10:11 AM #
I have to know what happened to Ellen. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

02:33 PM #
I am watching the questioning of the woman who claims she was taken as a Reaper concubine...I believe her: I recognize the look in her eyes.