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wausauloner - Sun Aug 07 2011

07:23 AM #
The Reaper prisoners are starting to give up interesting tidbits of information. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

07:26 AM #
Some are bragging about the Reapers' defeat of the survivors at Fort McCoy, and of their "impending victory" against the cannibal gangs.

07:29 AM #
Their boasting and bragging is meant to frighten us--and it is--but it is also giving us information about Reaper tactics. #zompocalypse

08:52 AM #
I talked to the crew that backtracked the Reaper contingent's route up from Babcock. They saw no sign of other Reapers. #zompocalypse

08:55 AM #
They trashed over 20 of those twisted, territory-claiming shrines at various crossroads. Each had a "live" zombie in it. Some had penitents.

08:58 AM #
The bodies of the dead were taken back to the Babcock convoy. Some were recognized. All were given a proper burial...Those Reapers are evil.

12:35 PM #
The Babcock survivors took a vote and have accepted Pete's offer to join the Farm Colonies. They'll be safer there from raiders and zombies.

03:33 PM #
Some of the Reaper prisoners have requested asylum from Anon's apocalypse cult. The jury is still out on which ones can be trusted. #zombies