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wausauloner - Mon Aug 08 2011

07:11 AM #
Between time spent fighting the Reapers, guarding the prisoners, and waiting for the wounded to recover, the Farms are low on manpower.

07:14 AM #
With the fight over, the new people from Babcock are assimilating. That is helping, but the other problems will take time to resolve.

07:17 AM #
For the time being, Pete can't spare any people for the seek-&-destroy zombie-killing teams. A planned hiatus for the harvest was moved up.

09:21 AM #
The old problem of what to do with criminals is many times worse now that we have actual prisoners to deal with. #zombies #zompocalypse

09:24 AM #
Long term, we just can't spare manpower guarding them, or afford to feed so many that aren't contributing to our post-apocalyptic society.

09:27 AM #
But releasing Reaper prisoners back to the cult is not going to happen. Doing so might bring the full weight of the cult down upon us.

09:30 AM #
Loyal cultists can't be safely sent off to other survivor groups we are friendly with (a la the second-chancer criminal program) either.

09:33 AM #
Some are suggesting we escort them far, far away before releasing them. Some say we should simply execute them. I'm wary of those ideas.

11:21 AM #
The situation with the Reaper prisoners will be less complicated if we can figure out which ones are lying about being reluctant cultists.

11:24 AM #
So the questioning and observation of the prisoners continues. And since Sue has me on light duty until my chest mends, I'm helping out.

01:52 PM #
One of the Reaper prisoners is begging for asylum. He says he only joined the cult because it was them or the cannibal gangs. #zompocalypse

01:55 PM #
He says, admitting his crimes: "Sure, this cult is a bunch of freaks and they kill and they steal, and I did those things..."

01:58 PM #
"...but if I didn't, I'd have had to go with the cannibal gangs and I'd have done all those things PLUS eat meat I knew came from people."

02:01 PM #
When confronted with the fact that he didn't choose NEITHER of the 2 powerful groups fighting each other down south, he broke down. #zombies

02:04 PM #
Between his sobs: "It's what I should have done...refuse the cult and be killed...or refuse the gangs and be killed by them...and be eaten."

02:07 PM #
"Down there, the zombies are so thick & food is so scarce...only large groups can survive...and among them, only the most ruthless remain."

02:10 PM #
"But I really SHOULD be dead...I don't deserve to live now that I've done what I've done. I should have taken my chances...and died a man."

05:10 PM #
Kurt and May called in on the secure radio. They're adding my home and neighborhood to their patrol area until I recover and return. #zombie

05:13 PM #
Kurt says he saw Jason taking fish from my trap in the river. Jason ran from him when questioned. No sign the kid got into my home.

05:16 PM #
I also talked to Ruth on the CB. She's fine with taking care of Shorty awhile longer than we had planned before I set off for the battle.