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wausauloner - Fri Aug 12 2011

05:00 AM #
There was a zombie at the edge of the main Farm Colony this morning. It must have been attracted over some distance by all yesterday's noise

06:12 AM #
The executions are in a few hours. Sentences will be carried out in the place that has become traditional for justice: atop Rib Mountain.

10:01 AM #
I'm up on Rib Mountain, in the outdoor amphitheater that used to host weddings. Now it's again the site of harsh zompocalypse justice.

10:04 AM #
All the local (and some not so local) survivor groups friendly to the Farm Colonies are sending representatives to the execution. #zombies

10:07 AM #
Already, people from Fort NTC & the small group of survivors in Mosinee are here. And I think I recognize the leaders of the Point survivors

10:28 AM #
Kurt's parents are here as representatives of the Amherst Commune. They arrived with a brace of young goats to trade for goods later today.

10:42 AM #
Ah, good--Alan and Jack are here from the camp of survivors up at Tesomas. I hope to get a chance to talk to them later. It's been awhile.

10:55 AM #
Ruth, one of the few survivors living solo among the zombies, is here--& Kurt said he thinks not-quite-feral Jason followed him up the hill!

10:58 AM #
I don't see Jason lurking around in the overgrown weeds and bushes, but I suspect he's hidden very nearby, watching and listening.

11:25 AM #
Pete has begun the proceedings, starting out by recognizing those who fought the Reapers, particular the injured and the dead. #zompocalypse

11:28 AM #
He continues: "Nearly two years ago, for reasons we still understand very little, zombies rose from the dead and began killing the living."

11:31 AM #
"...As suddenly as the zombie plague spread, our civilization collapsed. It was not all due to the undead. Humans are also responsible."

11:34 AM #
"We all remember how desperate the early days of this, this zompocalypse were. We were hungry, scared, and exhausted. Some banded together."

11:37 AM #
"When we did, we rebuilt our own communities. Limited in reach, limited in resources, but able to work together to help each other survive."

11:40 AM #
"But some people chose a different path. Greed, hatred, racism, and fear ruled those who chose to take from other survivors of the zombies."

11:43 AM #
"We've all encountered people like that. We've always triumphed over them. We have done so because sharing burdens makes us stronger."

11:46 AM #
"We've caught murderers. We've defeated raiders. We've thrown off leaders who ruled through fear and violence." #zombies #zompocalypse

11:49 AM #
"Now, through a kind of zompocalypse-Darwinism, the most ruthless of the predatory human groups left on this planet have grown very strong."

11:52 AM #
"Two large groups--armies, even--are fighting each other over the scraps of Milwaukee, Madison, and the rest of southern Wisconsin."

11:55 AM #
"Only the war between the Reapers and the cannibals--and perhaps their fear of this place, the origin of the zombies, has kept us safe."

11:58 AM #
"But we all knew they would come this way eventually when hunger overrode fear and other options dwindled. Recently, they almost found us."

12:01 PM #
"The Reapers pursued the survivors of another enclave north past one of our outer early warning stations. I offered the survivors our help."

12:04 PM #
"Through surprise and the resources we've husbanded, we defeated the Reaper contingent to the last cultist. You see here a few we captured."

12:07 PM #
"These are not the only prisoners. Others we took were unwilling draftees of the cult, taken against their will to swell their ranks."

12:10 PM #
"And while those unwilling members of the cult fought us and did terrible things as members of the Reapers, I believe them worthy of mercy."

12:13 PM #
"Who is to say any of us would not have clung to anyone, no matter how evil, if they could offer us food and safety from the zombie hordes?"

12:16 PM #
"But these people you see before you, unlike those who we are taking mercy upon, had opportunities to leave their past behind. They failed."

12:19 PM #
Pete is going over the last week's evaluation of the POWs, culminating in yesterday's events. I'll continue when he moves on...

01:11 PM #
More from Pete: "As the few surviving humans left, all of us bear a heavy responsibility. We must be humane to one another when we can."

01:14 PM #
"Sadly, confining prisoners, spending resources guarding them and feeding them, puts us all in danger. Letting them go: simply foolhardy."

01:17 PM #
"We have no choice, then, but to put the irredeemable to death. They must not be able to hurt us or any others again, in life or undeath."

01:20 PM #
"I call now for anyone who would argue otherwise to make their case. You will be heard & we will all judge." Nobody stood up. #zompocalypse

01:23 PM #
"Then I call for volunteers to do what must be done. I will be one." ...amazing...almost everyone in attendance is standing up.

01:26 PM #
Maybe it's the horrific nature of the twisted apocalyptic cult & their offensive & twisted pseudo-religious ways. Maybe it was Pete's words.

02:01 PM #
The prisoners are now lined up before us. Everyone will shoot at once. The burden of rough justice will be shared.

02:33 PM #
The hard-core Reaper cultists are dead. Before we all shot, one of them yelled, "You fools! Anon will come and kill you all!"

08:23 PM #
The reps from the other area survivor groups are staying overnight up here on Rib Mountain. Everyone is up late listening to the ham radios.

08:26 PM #
The radios, naturally, are quite a draw for people who've been starved of information from the outside world. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

08:29 PM #
So, far, they've heard faint signals in several languages. It's hard to tell their origin sometimes, but the word "zombie" is often heard.

08:42 PM #
Just heard a burst of southern-fried English on one of the ham radios. It was someone proclaiming himself governor of free Missouri. #zombie

08:45 PM #
The reps from the other survivor groups now also want to get their own ham radios. Eventually, we'll use them for more than just listening.