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wausauloner - Sun Aug 14 2011

08:18 AM #
I just had a long talk with Jason, who was waiting for me when I checked my solar patio-light zombie traps this morning. (No zombies, btw)

08:21 AM #
As Kurt thought, Jason was indeed up on Rib Mountain for Pete's speech and the execution of the captured Reapers. Jason had many questions.

08:24 AM #
He asked if everything Pete said about the Reapers was true. I told him that unfortunately, it was, and that I'd seen it myself. #zombies

08:27 AM #
Then he asked about the cannibal gangs, which I could only elaborate upon by sharing what I'd heard from others. The boy was scared.

08:30 AM #
...So I told him all about the other survivor groups represented by visitors at the execution. I described how they were all good people.

08:33 AM #
Then he asked me if I thought he was a good person, or if would he be shot because he took things sometimes, like my phone...

08:36 AM #
I told him that people make mistakes, but that they can change and make up for past mistakes. I said giving my phone back was like that.

01:43 PM #
I've been doing work outside today in hopes Jason would come back. He seemed pretty thoughtful when he left, abruptly and nearly in tears.