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wausauloner - Mon Aug 15 2011

06:29 AM #
I woke up this morning to find a backpack, full of jewelry, sitting in front of my anti-zombie wall. It could only have come from Jason.

08:04 AM #
@jamiedurie You are wise to be wary. The fact that we can communicate at all shows that there is a vulnerable connection between our worlds.

09:32 AM #
I went to the river to empty my fish trap and found Jason with it at his feet. He was holding that tough old gray cat & scratching his ears!

09:53 AM #
This is an unbelievable scene. First, Jason is insisting that I teach him to scale and filet fish. Second, he's got that cat purring away.

09:56 AM #
It's not just Jason's behavior that's come around...That cat has been begging for fish scraps for 18 months & I've never gotten close to it.

10:45 AM #
The old gray cat let me scratch his ears, grudgingly. It's clear he's adopted Jason. Such gratitude after all the fish scraps I gave him!

12:04 PM #
Jason has the hang of scaling & fileting fish. He almost cut off his finger though once, when he was distracted by the bandage on my chest.

12:07 PM #
Jason asked me what it felt like to get shot. I told him it hurts, but because I had a bulletproof vest on, it could have been worse.

12:10 PM #
Speaking of which, Sue wants to feel around on my ribs and see if I'm healing right. I'm going to head there tomorrow. #zompocalypse

02:10 PM #
I took a shot and asked Jason if he wanted to see the farm colonies. I said I'd take him if he was good and if he let Sue check his health.

02:13 PM #
Jason, still fascinated by the fact I took a bullet in the chest, said he'd go and asked if he could also watch when Sue examined my wound.

05:11 PM #
Jason said he'd be here at dawn tomorrow for our trip to the infirmary at the Farm Colonies. He said he needed to bring something.