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wausauloner - Tue Aug 16 2011

04:39 AM #
Jason showed up, bright and early, as he promised. He brought another backpack full of jewelry taken from downed zombie bodies.

04:42 AM #
He says he'd have brought more, but that's all he an carry at a time. I told him very few really care about that stuff anyway, anymore.

04:45 AM #
He asked why, so I told him: You can't eat it, kill a zombie with it, or use it for warmth in winter. It only makes you a target for others.

04:48 AM #
Jason has been thoughtful since. I've kept him busy loading my truck with things for the Farm Colonies, since I have to avoid heavy lifting.

07:13 AM #
@warfarmer No, but the absence of news doesn't mean much. With society's collapse, news travels slowly, if at all. Sorry.

07:24 AM #
We're at Sue's infirmary. I'm happy to report she says my ribs are healing fine. She's examining Jason now. He seems to be in good health.

08:02 AM #
Pete has made sure to keep the curious away from us so as not to spook Jason. He's been alone for a long time. #zompocalypse

09:30 AM #
Jason gave Sue some of his ex-zombie jewelry in payment for her exam. Then he gave the rest of what he brought to Pete when he stopped by.

09:33 AM #
Jason said it was a fair share of what he got from the downed zombies Pete's seek-and-destroy zombie-killing teams have re-killed.

09:36 AM #
Sue & Pete were both gracious in accepting the jewelry, but like me, they have no use for the stuff. I think Jason's figuring that out now.

10:43 AM #
Pete is giving Jason a tour of the Farm Colonies and all that his people have accomplished. Jason is in awe of the anti-zombie defenses...

10:46 AM #
...But I think he's more interested in all the other kids that are in this survivor camp. He probably hasn't seen another child since Z-day.

12:31 PM #
Jason asked Pete where all the zombies were. Pete told him about the constant horseback patrols and perimeter sweeps. Jason: "cool."

01:43 PM #
Jason is talking to a few kids just in from a nearby bean field. Through a mouthful of beans, he asked them how many zombies they've killed.

01:46 PM #
They've all been fortunate enough to be free of zombie contact for some time. I think he really just wants to brag about his own prowess.

02:04 PM #
Now Jason and his new friends are chattering away about this & that...kid things. I guess he really is just a child after all. #zompocalypse

03:10 PM #
Jason is helping the kids snap beans for processing. An adult said that if he helped they could all work with the latest batch of pups later

03:13 PM #
So I guess we're staying the night. This is all good for Jason. He doesn't seem as wild as he usually does, now that he's in a safe place.

05:01 PM #
The dog-training program is booming here at the Farm Colonies. These pups will become valuable zombie detectors--like my trusty girl, Shorty

06:30 PM #
Talking with Sue about Jason, who's staying in the home of his new friends. She says befriending other orphans will help him. #zompocalypse