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wausauloner - Wed Aug 17 2011

06:02 AM #
Wow, word is that Jason is out working in the fields with his new friends. I think we've made a breakthrough with the boy. #zompocalypse

07:30 AM #
I'm going to give Jason as much time as he wants here. It will be good for him. Meanwhile, I think I'll spend some time with the new people.

09:23 AM #
I just talked at length with Marnie, the ex-cultist who'd been forced into sex slavery with the Reapers. I described my friend Ellen to her.

09:26 AM #
She didn't recognize Ellen's description. She also didn't hear of an attempt on Anon's life or any security upheaval among the concubines.

09:29 AM #
I'm hoping that means Ellen is still alive, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike, but I feel sick, knowing what she has to endure.

09:32 AM #
Marnie had been a slave for a long 7 months herself. She was captured by the Reapers when they overwintered in southern Illinois last year.

10:40 AM #
I just talked with another ex-cultist. It was Cory, the guy who wished he'd chosen death over joining the Reapers (or the Cannibals).

10:43 AM #
Cory told me he barely survived the first winter after the zombies came. He spent most of it sheltered in a trashed pet store.

10:46 AM #
By the time they found the pet store, others had taken the animals and even the cat and dog food. They survived on bird seed & suet cakes.

10:49 AM #
Cory and his friends found themselves in no-man's land between the Reaper and Cannibal Gang forces. Their store was found by a Reaper patrol

10:52 AM #
Two of them were drafted into the Reapers, but it took the murder of the 3rd man for Cory & the other to give in to the Reapers' demands.

10:55 AM #
They were used as cannon fodder in the next Reaper raid on Cannibal Gang territory. Cory's friend didn't survive, and was probably eaten.

01:15 PM #
There's now a cluster of kids hanging around Jason. I'm sure he's telling them lots of stories about his zombie-killing prowess.

04:01 PM #
Jason wants to spend one more day here, then go back to Wausau so he can feed "his" cat. That animal's behavior still baffles me. #zombies