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wausauloner - Thu Aug 18 2011

05:44 AM #
Jason is working with his friends in the fields again today. He's eating a lot of what he picks, but nobody minds, even in the zompocalypse.

07:04 AM #
I just talked with one of the ex-cultists, Zev, a man with many cult-inflicted scars on his back, wrists, and ankles. #zombies #zompocalypse

07:07 AM #
Zev, an automotive technician before the zombies rose and a scrounger and trader after, was captured by the Reapers while out on the road.

07:10 AM #
Zev was part of a group that traveled in a convoy. They used vehicles that he converted to run on salvaged grease and rendered animal fat.

07:13 AM #
Zev's convoy ran across a Reaper camp near Janesville last summer. The Reapers decided to confiscate their goods rather than make trades.

07:16 AM #
Most of Zev's party were killed in the gunfight, and all but a few of the survivors were killed afterwards. He was spared for his skills.

07:19 AM #
But Zev didn't cooperate willingly. Several times, he was beaten and whipped by Reaper clerics. Once, he was left to die at a Reaper shrine.

07:22 AM #
Zev was tied down in a supplication pose before an enshrined zombie, abandoned at a crossroads to die from exposure and his open wounds.

07:25 AM #
He survived three days and nights before the Reaper column returned. Zev's "penance" was declared over, in accordance with their arcane law.

08:52 AM #
Angie is another ex-cultist, also drafted into the group, who'd been whipped whenever she didn't kowtow to her Reaper controllers.

08:55 AM #
Angie was spared because she was a medical helicopter pilot, another person with knowledge and skills of possible value to the Reapers.

08:58 AM #
Angie worked out of Minneapolis. She was flying on Z-day and saw much of the carnage that ensued when the zombie plague spread to that city.

09:01 AM #
She had set down in Gold Medal Park to pick up some survivors late on day 2 of the plague when she and a flight nurse were overwhelmed.

09:04 AM #
Angie found herself surrounded by zombies. She backed her way up the park's steep central hill, the terrain slowing the pursuing dead.

09:07 AM #
Over and over, she shoved the clumsy zombies away faster than they could climb the steep incline--until easier prey caught their attention.

09:10 AM #
She hid down low in a decorative flower bed under a small shelter there. That kept her out of the line of sight of the zombie swarm below.

09:13 AM #
The undead horde grew to the point where she was trapped, unable to do more than peek at the zombies, hoping they didn't detect her en masse

09:16 AM #
On a moonless night after a week surviving on rainwater, dew, & the plants that hid her, she belly-crawled down to her helicopter & escaped.

09:19 AM #
She became part of a survivor enclave based on the bluffs of the Mississippi near Hudson. That colony became too large to sustain itself.

09:22 AM #
She was out in her helicopter, scouting for places sub-groups of her enclave could relocate to when engine trouble forced her down.

09:25 AM #
She was injured in a hard "landing." The first people on the scene were Reaper scouts. It was a rescue that turned into a kidnapping.

12:42 PM #
The last of the ex-cultists who broke from their ranks is a man named Benny. He was a cranberry grower before the zombies rose.

12:45 PM #
He flooded the bogs around his home when things started to get dodgy and people began taking what they wanted from others by force.

12:48 PM #
The flooded bogs kept most of the casually criminal refugees away, but it made things worse with the local zombies who wandered in anyway.

12:51 PM #
The zombies became underwater hazards in the cranberry bogs until they found their way out, sometimes right on top of Benny's farmhouse.

12:54 PM #
The constant stress of pop-up zombie attacks got to Benny's wife. She killed herself and their children the day the bogs froze over.

12:57 PM #
Benny, despondent, fell under the Reapers' spell when Anon and his earliest followers made their initial recruitment sweeps. #zompocalypse

02:20 PM #
@firsthour They're sick, evil SOBs is what they are.

04:01 PM #
About to get back on the road to head home. Wondering if Jason will want me to drop him off near where he has been living, wherever that is.

05:10 PM #
No luck on finding out where Jason has been living alone these many months of the zompocalypse. He fed "his" cat and disappeared.

06:13 PM #
Earlier, I was up on my second floor with my binoculars, looking around for signs of zombies or any other trouble...and I think I saw Jason.

06:16 PM #
He was looking out of a the window of one of my abandoned neighbors' homes. I think I'll take a look over there tomorrow. #zompocalypse

07:41 PM #
After two nights of enjoying the smell of steam from blanched vegetables out at the Farm Colonies, I'm missing it tonight. I just dry stuff.

07:44 PM #
They fill a lot of mason jars with canned fruits and veggies out there. But then, they have more food to process and more people to feed.