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wausauloner - Sat Aug 20 2011

06:32 AM #
Kurt and May are here. They're making a "shopping list" of things they need to pick up to duplicate my indoor winter garden system.

06:35 AM #
It's mostly a matter of finding grow lights, containers, & good dirt. Oh, and blocking windows to keep zombies outside from seeing the light

06:38 AM #
All of these things are easy to find in the abandoned homes and garages. They're where we "shop" most here in the zompocalypse.

09:17 AM #
It's not safe for me to scrounge on my own until my chest fully heals so I'm helping Kurt and May by providing overwatch while they work.

09:20 AM #
I am armed with a .22 rifle for the day. I'd prefer to use my bow, (even a .22 makes unwanted noise) but my ribs rebel too much. #zombies

12:12 PM #
Kurt and May are good scroungers. They saw wood pellets in a garage and decided to look for a pellet stove in the house. They found two.

12:15 PM #
That type of stove is worth grabbing. They're small enough to move and put out little smoke that zombies or raiders might see. #zompocalypse

01:41 PM #
Kurt and May are taking one of the pellet stoves. I'm taking the other. It'll be a good back-up in case my geothermal system breaks down.

03:14 PM #
I felt more than a little useless watching Kurt and May load up those pellet stoves, but Sue would kill me if I aggravate my ribs. #zombies

03:17 PM #
Twice I insisted we wait to move the stoves until I could help, but Kurt & May managed it. I suppose someone else might have salvaged them.