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wausauloner - Tue Aug 23 2011

06:10 AM #
Jason, Kurt, May, and I are meeting up with a Fort NTC salvaging crew to go over our respective wish lists before we go scrounging today.

06:13 AM #
Fort NTC has a few unusual requests: rat traps, rat poison, feral kittens and pups...I guess it's safe to say they have a rat problem.

06:16 AM #
Apparently, it's a big deal: They lost much of the grain salvaged from that train yard we found last year to a sudden influx of rats.

09:41 AM #
Break time. We're all talking about how we miss sandwiches. But soon the Farm Colonies' first crop of grain will be harvested! #zompocalypse

09:44 AM #
Unlike the Farms, Fort NTC had to eat most of their share of the seed grain from the train yard. What the rats got was their reserve stores.

09:47 AM #
Fort NTC is in much better shape this year than last, but living on the edge of starvation is dangerous. Fortunately, they have allies now.

01:44 PM #
We're learning that Jason has different priorities when going through abandoned homes. He's after food and little else. #zombie #zombies

03:05 PM #
We just delivered the rat poison and rat traps we found today to Fort NTC. Word is they found a nest and will wipe it out tomorrow.

03:07 PM #
They're telling us all about it while we wait out a sudden thunderstorm. It's not fair for man, fowl, or zombie out there right now.