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wausauloner - Wed Aug 24 2011

06:22 AM #
Kurt, May, Jason, and I are going to start out today helping a Fort NTC crew with their rat problem. We're meeting them at the school.

07:32 AM #
We've met up with the Fort NTC people and have cleared the area around the targeted home of zombies. No sign of rats outside.

07:35 AM #
It seems strange that the rats would be concentrated in one place, but perhaps they found a source of food and their population exploded.

07:38 AM #
While I haven't seen any swarms, I do see rats in homes all the time now, something almost unheard of around here before the zombies rose.

07:41 AM #
But our ecology is a wreck. We've got feral dogs and cats all over--eating who knows what--and of course zombies eating whatever they catch.

07:45 AM #
@WastelandMike Nice thought. Maybe after we rebuild civilization.

07:47 AM #
@mutedogbrewing There's evidence for and against it. I think it might help them be more active, somehow, but they really don't digest food.

08:11 AM #
The Fort NTC people are still setting up a fine mesh garden fence around the perimeter of the house. They don't want any rats to escape.

08:14 AM #
Some joking going on here about how, during the first winter after the zombies rose, this rat nest would've been considered a Godsend feast.

08:17 AM #
Out at the Farm Colonies, the combination of dogs, cats, and kids keeps the rodent population low. Zombies might have done the same here...

08:20 AM #
...But this area's zombie population has been reduced quite a bit by Fort NTC scroungers. Maybe that gave this nest the opportunity to grow.

09:32 AM #
We're ready to go in. Everybody's armed with pitchforks, but that's not how we're hoping to kill what could be thousands of rats inside.

09:35 AM #
Instead, we're going to burn the place. Nobody wants to catch any diseases these rats might be carrying, so it's strictly a hands-off plan.

09:38 AM #
Fire was chosen for the job because this house doesn't have any close neighbors & the recent rain should keep the fire from spreading easily

10:03 AM #
One brave soul has gone inside the house to spread gasoline around and chuck another can into the basement, where the rats nest is.

10:16 AM #
He's back out. He says he saw a few rats on the ground floor but many more when he got a look into the basement with his flashlight.

10:19 AM #
He said the rats stunk terribly. He also saw clear signs of human habitation in the home for at least a little while after the zombies rose.

10:22 AM #
There were boarded up rooms, piles of burst canned food that must have been frozen at some point, and bits of MRE packaging everywhere.

10:25 AM #
Whoever hid here from the zombies must have collected a lot of MREs before dying one way or another, leaving the food for the rats to find.

10:45 AM #
Torches have been tossed into the rat-infested house. We're watching the fire grow now. We're ready if any rats make it out.

10:54 AM #
The gasoline, precious as it is, was a good investment for this project: The place is going up fast and very few rats are making it out.

11:14 AM #
Standing around the perimeter fence, we've been pitchforking rats that made it out of the burning house. Well, trying to. I miss a lot.

11:17 AM #
Jason is the only one who's truly good at it. The kid has the speed and--I'm only guessing here--I think he's probably hunted rats before.

12:01 PM #
The fire has fully engulfed the home now. The trickle of escaping rats has ceased. Jason jumped the fence and is finishing them off.

12:05 PM #
@mutedogbrewing Some have switched. Nothing works particularly well for us slower, older people.

12:40 PM #
Our job outside the fence has shifted to downing zombies attracted by the fire & smoke and making sure embers don't start additional fires.

02:44 PM #
The fire has burned down quite a bit now. We're going to leave the last few hours of overwatch to the Fort NTC people.