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wausauloner - Thu Aug 25 2011

06:14 AM #
Yesterday's rat nest eradication burn was a high risk operation we want to avoid whenever possible, so Pete's sending some dogs to Fort NTC.

06:17 AM #
It turns out terriers and other small breeds still have it in them to seek out and go after rats, now that the ability is needed again.

06:20 AM #
To build up our dog population quickly to fight this new threat, Kurt, May, Jason and I are going to look for feral pups we can capture.

06:23 AM #
There are several known pack areas we've mapped. We've gone to frequently used dens for pups in a couple locations before. #zompocalypse

07:02 AM #
Shorty's staying at home today. I don't want her around if we encounter any nasty feral dogs--or angry mothers when we steal their pups.

08:22 AM #
The feral dog population seems to have grown. I think we'd better make these puppy raids a more regular occurrence. #zombies #zompocalypse

09:55 AM #
We went to the first known den and found a litter of young pups only a few weeks old, plus another bunch still young enough to be tamed.

09:58 AM #
We had to take out the mothers and a few other pack members who got close. In good conscience, we can't let the meat go to waste.

10:01 AM #
Nearly two years into the zompocalypse, most survivors have gotten over the concept of eating "Fido."

10:04 AM #
However, we've decided to use some of the smaller dead dog carcasses as poisoned bait to reduce the rat population around Fort NTC.

11:55 AM #
@firsthour I'm afraid it's likely. And since we can communicate, there's already a weakness between our worlds. Keep an eye out. Be wary.

02:05 PM #
Today's final tally: 32 mongrel pups captured, 57 feral dogs put down, and 2 random zombies re-killed. Just another day in the zompocalypse.

06:01 PM #
After delivering the feral pups to the trainers out at the Farm Colonies, Jason asked if he could see the inside of my home. He's here now.

06:04 PM #
I figured he's come along enough for me to trust him, and for him to know that I do. It has paid off: He's leading me to his place tomorrow.