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wausauloner - Fri Aug 26 2011

05:04 AM #
Jason was still here when I woke up. I half expected him (and perhaps some of my possessions) to be missing. He's out feeding that gray cat.

07:20 AM #
Well, Jason kept his word. And I feel privileged that he's trusting me with the location of his home, which was farther away than I thought.

07:23 AM #
It's out in the countryside north and west of Wausau. You could have walked right by and not known it was occupied. #zombies #zompocalypse

07:26 AM #
Jason lives in just the top floor, which is basically a refurbished attic. He said he only uses the 1st and 2nd floors when it gets cold.

08:51 AM #
Jason showed me the spot in his backyard where his father is buried. There's a small marker on the ground and a stump where Jason sits.

08:54 AM #
There's a rusty wheelchair on the other side of the grave. Jason sits on the stump and talks, in the direction of the chair, to his dad.

10:03 AM #
Jason wants to show me something in the woods behind his home. I got the feeling he wasn't sure about it at first, but came to a decision.

10:40 AM #
This is amazing...we followed a path through some taller trees to a clearing where a cluster of smaller pines grow. It's a quiet spot...

10:43 AM #
...and each and every one of the small pines is decorated with reclaimed jewelry. There are garlands made from necklaces chained together...

10:46 AM #
...There are clusters of gold rings and earrings hanging from individual boughs, and wristwatches wrapped around wrist-sized branches.

10:49 AM #
Despite the reclaimed jewelry's macabre origins, it's a beautiful display. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

12:24 PM #
Jason asked me why his dad told him to gather gold and jewelry if I and all the other survivors he met don't care about the stuff.

12:27 PM #
I told him that before the zombies came, sometimes scared people thought gold would make them safer, and his dad knew the zombies were scary

12:30 PM #
But the zombies turned out to be not just scary but real trouble that lasted longer than money, longer than gold. Maybe for good.

12:33 PM #
But I told him what he has done with the jewelry in the woods was a thing of beauty. And that right now, beauty is better than money.

04:38 PM #
@adamhennings What he's done is inspired. There's not much like that in the world anymore.

07:39 PM #
Quite frequently, we pick up a multi-station U.S. navy signal on the ham radios. It normally broadcasts old news of the zombie plague...

07:42 PM #
Tonight, the automated anti-zombie tips have been replaced with a robot-voiced hurricane warning for survivors located on the east coast.