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wausauloner - Sat Aug 27 2011

06:22 AM #
Jason asked if I could help him clear out some of the feral dogs near his home. He doesn't use gun or bow, so they're a problem for him.

06:25 AM #
He knows where the dens are, so he's leading the way. Fortunately, we're far enough from town to use firearms without attracting zombies.

09:42 AM #
We're on a ridge overlooking a feral pack's den--a collapsed shed. I'm picking off any feral dog I see using my rifle before we go in close.

09:45 AM #
I brought plenty of ammo for my rifle (& a shotgun, for when we get close)--I got bit by a feral dog once and don't want it to happen again.

01:34 PM #
We found live pups again. They'll go to the trainers out at the Colony Farms. The adult carcasses will become poisoned bait for rat control.

01:37 PM #
Word from Fort NTC is that the first batch of poisoned dog meat disappeared overnight. Zombies found some, but the poison didn't affect them

01:40 PM #
The poisoned meat DID work on the rats. Dead rodents were found around most of the dog carcasses. Of course, zombies ate some of THEM, too.