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wausauloner - Mon Aug 29 2011

06:28 AM #
Despite all we've found in scrounging, there's a shortage of canning jars and supplies in the Farm Colonies, so I'm out looking for more.

06:31 AM #
It's a good sign, really. The Farm Colonies' second year of production has yielded much more food to preserve for winter. #zompocalypse

06:34 AM #
Jason just showed up and is going to help me out today. He offered as soon as he heard I was taking the supplies out to the Farms tonight.

08:03 AM #
Jason has been leading me to places where he saw full jars of food that broke when they froze. Those homes often also have unused supplies.

09:53 AM #
We've started to check for canning supplies in any home with evidence of an overgrown garden on the property. It's been a successful ploy.

12:06 PM #
@firsthour A) No, and B) That's why not.

03:55 PM #
We've got a full truck & trailer full of jars & lids, packed up tight with blankets from the homes we found them in. Now, off to the Farms.

03:58 PM #
Jason is looking forward to seeing his new friends again, and I'm eager to get my ribs checked by Sue. I feel fine, but she may know better.

08:14 PM #
@powerdroidgirl It's both. For awhile, it was all practical, but there's a real effort to make sure we don't have a lost generation.