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wausauloner - Tue Aug 30 2011

06:13 AM #
Morning in the Farm Colonies. It's nice to sleep in and not have to worry about making an anti-zombie patrol. Others keep the area clear.

07:11 AM #
The Farm Colonies' teachers are among those trying to convince Jason to move out to the Farms permanently. He's resisting the idea.

07:14 AM #
Nobody's pushing him hard because he'd likely just run away, if not today, another time. It has to be his own decision. #zompocalypse

09:31 AM #
Sue has pronounced my ribs healed, more or less. Just in time to help with the labors of harvest season. There's more work to do every day.

12:52 PM #
There are a lot of old-school farming techniques being used out here--by necessity, since the zombie uprising ended commercial agriculture.

12:55 PM #
Some precious fuel is still being allocated for use by tractors, but whenever possible, work is done by man, woman, child, or beast.

12:58 PM #
The growing numbers of livestock and beasts of burden are starting to make a difference. Organic gardeners are spearheading rotation plans.

01:01 PM #
Next year, if the zombies or Reapers or some other unknown dangers don't get us, food yields should be even higher than this year.

02:40 PM #
Not heading back to Wausau today. Out here in these survivors' Farm Colonies, it's easy to forget about the zombies. For awhile, anyway.