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wausauloner - Thu Sep 01 2011

07:40 AM #
It doesn't look like today's weather is ideal for drying food for winter, so I'm going to do some canning instead. Well, variety is good.

07:43 AM #
I got into canning before the zombies came, back when I was unemployed and needed to stretch my food budget. I've become partial to drying.

07:46 AM #
Why do I prefer eating dried food during the winter months? I blame that first year after the zombies rose when I ate canned food every day.

08:54 AM #
I think I'll make sauerkraut this year. I remember where there's a big earthenware crock an abandoned home already cleared of zombies.

10:45 AM #
I've got enough cabbage already to start a batch of sauerkraut. More will be ripe by the time this ferments. Tasty and full of vitamin C.

01:54 PM #
Shorty keeps sniffing at the crock as I fill it with layers of shredded cabbage and salt. Just you wait girl, just you wait. #zompocalypse