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wausauloner - Fri Sep 02 2011

07:40 AM #
I'm helping Kurt & May set up their indoor garden today. The basics are done. Now they want to add automation like I have in my basement.

07:43 AM #
They've found grow lights and timers, but they still need a drip irrigation system. We're going to check out some greenhouses. #zompocalypse

09:51 AM #
We took out a few zombies (and then worked quietly to avoid attracting more) and found plenty of tubing and timers at Rib Mt. Greenhouse.

09:54 AM #
There are still a lot of zombies on Rib Mt. Drive on the stretch that connects Wausau with the Town of Rib Mountain. Many, many near WalMart

09:57 AM #
There are so many zombies outside right now that we're laying low for a bit inside the office, waiting for a couple curious ones to leave.

10:33 AM #
Jackpot! We were killing time in the greenhouse office by giving the place a once-over and found a stack of handwritten receipts...

10:36 AM #
We were still going over the receipts even after the zombies outside left because we kept finding ones for grow lights and drip irrigation.

10:39 AM #
With what we've found here today & what these receipts will lead us to, we'll be able to help many more area survivors grow food all winter!

12:23 PM #
One of the addresses on the receipts was nearby, so we checked it out and found the drip irrigation system installed in an overgrown garden.

12:26 PM #
May and Shorty watched out for zombies while Kurt and I took the system apart. As a bonus: we snacked on some ripe volunteer tomatoes.

02:12 PM #
We had to loop around a crowd of zombies on the way back to Kurt & May's house. That took us to another receipt address. Scored more tubing.