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wausauloner - Sat Sep 03 2011

05:50 AM #
Kurt, May, Shorty, & I are visiting the addresses that we found at Rib Mt. Greenhouse yesterday. We're looking for the purchased equipment.

07:45 AM #
The first home on our list of addresses still had all the plastic tubing, water timers, garden soil, fertilizer & seeds in a garden shed!

07:48 AM #
The equipment was all still in its original packaging, so we loaded up the boxes & threw the rest in the back of Kurt's truck. #zompocalypse

08:54 AM #
We're at the 2nd address. The garage contained an extensive marijuana-growing operation, back before the zombies came. #wausau #zompocalypse

08:57 AM #
All the marijuana plants dried up and died long ago after the owner of the place either fled, died, and/or became part of the zombie horde.

09:06 AM #
@Joelsk_ Probably.

02:15 PM #
It took a long time, but we dismantled the entire operation here. We're going to relocate the racks, lights, containers, & watering system.

02:18 PM #
All of this stuff will be put to good use growing fresh greens & vegetables indoors all winter long out at the Farm Colonies. #zompocalypse

04:21 PM #
We checked one more address. No sign of any of the purchased growing equipment. It might have been bought for a gift, or a vacation cottage.