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wausauloner - Sun Sep 04 2011

06:21 AM #
Collecting more indoor growing supplies at the addresses we found at the greenhouse. Some tricky locations coming up today, zombie-wise.

07:51 AM #
Got some more growing equipment, though we also got ourselves into a bit of trouble. Going to have to fight our way past the zombies outside

10:16 AM #
Between my spiked metal bat (thanks again, Cal!), Kurt's antique Civil War saber, & May's spear, we tore through yet another zombie problem.

01:12 PM #
The kitchen table of the house we're currently checking is covered with household bills. Many are dated October 2009 and marked PAST DUE.

01:15 PM #
There's also a scratch pad and a calculator nearby. Someone was trying to put together a budget, and it looks like they were in a deep hole.

01:18 PM #
Well, if the people who lived here before the zombies rose survived, financial problems don't complicate their lives any more.

04:10 PM #
Today's last address is another pot-growing enterprise. This time we found all the gear installed in a walk-in closet. #zompocalypse