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wausauloner - Mon Sep 05 2011

05:55 AM #
We should get through the rest of the greenhouse receipt addresses today. Jason, who still comes & goes as he pleases, is helping out again.

09:10 AM #
Shorty just saved our bacon. She sensed a pair of crawler-zombies in the deep grass as we were hunting around for another overgrown garden.

09:13 AM #
She gave a bark as Kurt tripped over a corpse covered in leaf litter. May saw it move and skewered it in place on the ground...

09:16 AM #
Shifting leaves gave away the presence of the second zombie. I crushed its dirt-encrusted skull with my spiked bat before it freed itself.

09:19 AM #
Jason finished off the zombie May pinned down. Kurt thoroughly probed the yard debris with his saber before we went back to the garden.

03:41 PM #
We got through the last half-dozen addresses on our list without serious incident, filling up two trucks and their trailers with equipment.