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wausauloner - Tue Sep 06 2011

05:19 AM #
An overnight cold snap is freaking everybody out, as an early frost could cut our harvest dramatically. We don't want another hungry winter!

05:22 AM #
So Kurt, May, Jason, Shorty, and I are still going out to the Farm Colonies, but our first priority is to help pick and process crops.

05:25 AM #
Once everything that can be picked is in & preserved, we'll start working on setting up the indoor growing systems for winter. #zompocalypse

10:13 AM #
One crop we don't have a lot of: corn. Too many survivors lived on feed corn through the first two winters after the zombies rose.

10:16 AM #
Still, it kept people alive. And while people HAVE been enjoying fresh cobs of sweet corn, nobody is looking forward to dried corn right now

10:24 AM #
@TimOsteen Fortunately, nobody here has been that desperate since the ill-fated survivors who were stuck in the downtown airport early on.

04:11 PM #
With no way to predict if tonight will be as cold as last night, we picked frost-sensitive crops aggressively today. Really miss forecasts.

07:01 PM #
After a big communal stew, well-fed, tired, and chilly survivors are settling in around the cookfires all around the Farm Colonies...

07:03 PM #
It's a chance for all to talk and share stories, something we admit we seldom did before the zombies rose. Too many electronic distractions.

07:06 PM #
The topics most people are talking about, besides the harvest and fears of an early frost, are the zombies, the Reapers, and the latest news

07:09 PM #
There's not much news. A few more refugees recently arrived from down south where the Reapers are still fighting the cannibal gangs...

07:12 PM #
...but they didn't stay. They were wary of being near The Anomaly that caused the zombie outbreak--and of us, calling us "The Doomed" again.

07:21 PM #
Nobody here knows for sure how near you have to be to The Anomaly to be a ticking zombie time bomb if you die. Nor if there's a time factor.

07:24 PM #
Perhaps we've settled into a pragmatic fatalism, but everyone here just assumes they've been exposed and has chosen to shrug it off.

07:27 PM #
However, it is common practice to carefully watch over anyone who gets very sick or badly injured. Re-animations are quickly dealt with.