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wausauloner - Wed Sep 07 2011

06:27 AM #
The temperature didn't drop quite as much last night, so we're all hoping our growing season will continue for a few more weeks...

06:30 AM #
...Just in case it doesn't, picking crews are working hard again today in the Farm Colonies' fields. I'm helping in a different way...

06:33 AM #
...Specifically, I'm working guard duty for road crews traveling to fruit trees we've mapped out all over the area. Getting plums now. Mmmm.

06:36 AM #
Today, we're concentrating on fruit trees that will be badly affected if we have a frost. That means saving easy apple orchards for later.

06:50 AM #
@jamiedurie We've got a few similar tools. They're great at warning of storms. Not so good at predicting the overnight lows, unfortunately.

10:13 AM #
A zombie nearly got to one of our people when he was up on a ladder picking pears. The zombie was put down, but the picker fell and is hurt.

10:16 AM #
As soon as his arm is splinted, I'm driving him to Sue's infirmary out at the Colony Farms. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

01:21 PM #
Sue's infirmary is busy today. A teenage apprentice to the budding blacksmith "guild" was badly burned just before my arrival. #zompocalypse

04:12 PM #
The guy who fell out of the pear tree today will be fine after his broken arm heals. The burned teenager, however, isn't doing so well.

04:15 PM #
Scalding hot water splashed on his belly & thighs. The blisters are very bad. Sue's resources for treating burns are limited. #zompocalypse

04:18 PM #
She says his burns would have sent him to a special burn unit, pre-zombies, but that option isn't possible now. He's in a lot of pain.