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wausauloner - Thu Sep 08 2011

05:58 AM #
The teenager with the burns is getting some of Sue's strongest pain medications. The real problem, however, is still to appear: infections.

06:01 AM #
...Sue says people with bad burns over large portions of their body are in severe danger of life-threatening infections. #zompocalypse

06:04 AM #
The rest of us have to set this all aside, like other injuries & deaths before, and continue with the hard work of survival. #zompocalypse

07:02 AM #
.@LuckySenior Crawler zombies are "normal" zombies, except that the condition of their legs makes walking impossible, so they crawl.

07:03 AM #
.@LuckySenior They're dangerous because they aren't easy to spot and can be in unexpected places, like under cars, debris, or in tall grass.

09:40 AM #
Spending a lot of time driving to places we've mapped out fruit trees, a few minutes checking for zombies, then picking as long as we can.

06:54 PM #
Another long day of work, another bountiful harvest-time meal afterward. Campfire talk tonight drifted back to being known as "The Doomed."

06:57 PM #
The consensus is that many survivors from outside the area want nothing to do with us for fear of contracting the zombie contagion.