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wausauloner - Fri Sep 09 2011

05:57 AM #
Talked with Sue before heading back out to more food-collection work. She says the burned teenager has a bad fever. It's infections.

09:35 AM #
We're down two pickers today (they're family members of the burned teenager), but the rest of us are working quickly. Many bushels of fruit.

02:23 PM #
We found a fence covered with grape vines near a mapped plum tree. The grapes will make good juice. Maybe someone will make wine some day...

02:26 PM #
...But for now, food has to take priority over alcohol, at least until the zombie danger eases. Some people have made an exception for beer.

02:29 PM #
As a beer drinker, I can't blame them. Besides, they used supplies salvaged from brewing supply stores to make the beer, not fresh fruit.

02:42 PM #
@mattress We have a variety of water sources. I rely on my own well. The pump is powered by my solar array.

02:56 PM #
@mattress We sit on one of the largest fresh water aquifers on the planet here, so we are lucky. Pumps/wells all over. All we need is power.

06:42 PM #
There is now a bedside vigil for the burned teenager in Sue's infirmary. She thinks he'll die if his fever doesn't break soon. #zompocalypse