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wausauloner - Mon Sep 12 2011

06:20 AM #
In a big meeting today with Pete & those of his people who know the most about agriculture in general (& farming around here in particular).

06:23 AM #
They're setting priorities for harvesting salvageable fresh food from the wild. I'm here to let them know the lay of the land. #zompocalypse

09:02 AM #
A lot of time & effort is going into planning how to get as many apples from abandoned orchards as possible. Apples dry well. #zompocalypse

10:11 AM #
The conversation has turned to considering an under-appreciated fruit: cranberries. They are nutritious and can be dried, jellied, & juiced.

10:14 AM #
One of the Reaper converts Pete's colonists took in was a cranberry farmer, and he knows where (and how) we can harvest large quantities.

10:17 AM #
There is a problem: Most of the cranberry bogs are in areas the Rapture's Reapers are known to travel. They may still have camps there.

12:01 PM #
Pete has decided to send scouts out to learn more about where the Reapers are in bog country. We have time before the cranberries are ripe.

12:04 PM #
We now know that most of the Reapers winter hundreds of miles south, but they do keep a garrison at the captured Fort McCoy. #zompocalypse

12:07 PM #
It's possible they have other temporary or winter camps nearer to us. They're what Pete wants his scouts to look for. #zompocalypse

02:31 PM #
Pete's "agriculture summit" continues. There were some disagreements about the upcoming wheat harvest (& the failed winter wheat experiment)

02:33 PM #
The wheat harvest is still weeks away, but it is important. Everyone is hoping for a yield big enough to set aside more seed for next year.

05:39 PM #
@Azulien The cranberry farmer is suggesting we eventually take over the area where his old farms were. Too much heavy work to make new bogs.

05:40 PM #
@grork That's a good idea!

06:52 PM #
Pete's agriculture summit wrapped up awhile ago. Plans for expeditions into cranberry bog country continue tomorrow. #zombies #zompocalypse