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wausauloner - Mon Sep 19 2011

07:19 AM #
All 3 of Pete's scout teams have made their scheduled check-ins with the outposts nearest them. Their reports are interesting. #zompocalypse

07:22 AM #
The easternmost team, which went almost straight south, reported high zombie numbers and few signs of Reaper activity. Just one empty camp.

07:25 AM #
That's good news, because Benny's cranberry farm near Hancock is in that area. The scouts reported area buildings picked over and empty.

07:28 AM #
The scout team that went SSW is behind schedule. They had to deal with wrecked roads and flooded areas on or near the Wisconsin River.

07:31 AM #
The bad news from their trip is that they found Reapers shipping out anything useful from the former Babcock survivors' enclave. #zombies

07:34 AM #
They weren't able to follow the Reapers though they did note they were heading south. They also nailed down the position of another hazard:

07:37 AM #
Remember that Anomaly I discovered last fall where a pile of zombies wound up stuck in the muck of a bend in the flooded Wisconsin River?...

07:40 AM #
Well, the scouts found it, too. They've also mapped a route to the site so we can do something about it, perhaps on our way to Benny's farm.

07:43 AM #
The scouts whose path went to the southwest reported the presence of many small units of Reapers clearing homes of salvage in a wide area.

07:46 AM #
Between small probes and mapping Reaper shrine sites, they think they have the extent of Reaper territory figured out. #zompocalypse

10:24 AM #
Just finished a long meeting involving Pete & his lieutenants. He's instructing the south & south-southwest scouts to search further afield.

10:27 AM #
Their priority is finding Reapers' self-declared border, which the Reapers make obvious with their "shrines." #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

10:30 AM #
The SW scout team already has the Reaper border mapped, so they're being tasked with finding out what lies beyond. Dangerous work.