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wausauloner - Wed Sep 21 2011

07:03 AM #
Shorty and I went on a wider anti-zombie patrol this morning. We found one trying to negotiate the highway fence into my neighborhood.

07:06 AM #
It must have heard me return last night in the Tahoe, only getting as far as the fence. This time. Usually, they eventually make it over.

07:09 AM #
I brained it using the spiked, metal bat-like mace Cal had commissioned for me with the blacksmith guys just before he died. #zompocalypse

03:50 PM #
My dead neighbors' abandoned gardens are all picked again, for now. Good thing: Radio call says it's time to go pick Benny's cranberries.

03:53 PM #
Pete has been organizing a task force to, A) Harvest the cranberries on Benny's farm, and any others that have bogs with fruit in them...

03:56 PM #
...and, B) Eliminate the zombie pile in the bend of the Wisconsin River on the way there to disrupt the Anomaly it is forming. I'm going.