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wausauloner - Thu Sep 22 2011

06:47 AM #
@tinkerhellsbell I don't think they truly digest anything they eat. I've seen stuff falling out of abdomen wounds that looks like raw meat.

07:28 AM #
Preparations are underway for the expedition into southcentral Wisconsin. It's an area we know little about, other than what scouts report.

07:31 AM #
The scouts say that the area has high zombie numbers and is thoroughly pillaged by other survivors, probably from early in the zompocalypse.

07:34 AM #
But we're going there with two goals: To harvest as many cranberry bogs as possible and to disrupt an Anomaly that has formed near Plover.

07:37 AM #
We're hoping that enough cranberries have regrown in the bogs to make the trip worthwhile. The fruit is high in vitamin C and preserves well

07:40 AM #
We're going to bring fuel, tools, batteries, and even spare tires to get needed cranberry harvesting equipment up and running. #zompocalypse

07:43 AM #
Disrupting the anomaly is a different matter. It will require disturbing a mucky, muddy, deep pile of still-animate buried zombie flesh.

07:46 AM #
Any pile of zombies in anaerobic conditions, like deep in the muck, forms what we call an Anomaly, a weakness between worlds. #zompocalypse

07:49 AM #
We don't know exactly how it works, but the zombie plague first appeared near a similar anomaly. We think new ones may spread the plague...

07:52 AM #
...they may spread the plague to other worlds, or bring more dangers here. Either way, we do all we can to disrupt Anomalies when they form.

08:01 AM #
@jer051 I'll have to try that!

08:02 AM #
@Azulien You have a good point.

10:17 AM #
The task force will be made up of survivors from the Farm Colonies, Fort NTC, the UWSP group, Camp Tesomas, and even Mosinee and Amherst.

10:18 AM #
Members from every area camp are going because we hope to get enough cranberries to help everyone eat better this winter. #zompocalypse

10:21 AM #
There's another reason every friendly survivor group is sending people on this mission: We need experience working and fighting together...

10:24 AM #
...There will be zombies to deal with every day, and there's a chance we'll run into Reapers or even raiders from the cannibal gangs.

11:57 AM #
@tinkerhellsbell Well, the subject HAS come up around the campfires at night. Can't blame anyone for being curious about the subject!

02:12 PM #
Pete's scouts didn't find any sign of organized survivors down in the area we're heading to, but there's a chance someone's living there.

02:15 PM #
If we do find anybody living down there, we will be sensitive to any of their territorial claims, as long as they respect ours. #zombies