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wausauloner - Fri Sep 23 2011

05:16 AM #
@WeWerePeopleToo I don't know about your world, but here in mine the zombies are unthinking predators incapable of thought or speech.

06:13 AM #
Pete has asked me to take a small group down ahead of the main expedition. Our goal will be to establish a safe spot for a camp near Plover.

06:16 AM #
We'll have to clear out the zombies from a securable location and set up some basic gear. I'm taking Benny, because he knows the area.

06:19 AM #
Kurt and May will come along in his truck. Oh, and Jason's coming too. The kid won't take no for an answer. Well, he's good in a fight.

10:31 AM #
We're packed up & ready to go. I'll be unable to send tweets once I get out of range of the local Anomaly & the DARPA monitoring station...

10:34 AM #
However, I know the newer Anomaly that we're going down there to eliminate will allow my tweets to get through once we get close. #zombies

11:03 AM #
We're on the road and I'm losing bars. We'll be spending the night at the UWSP survivor enclave. Hope to check in with you all again soon.