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wausauloner - Sun Sep 25 2011

05:21 AM #
@WeWerePeopleToo No, not a misunderstanding. Zombies hunt, kill, and eat people. Those they kill rise and kill more. Millions have died.

05:59 AM #
Had to deal with a few zombies at the fence outside the potato shed we took over. Now we're off to hunt Zs around bogs we'll soon be working

04:35 PM #
Back at our potato shed base. We think we cleared the area around the cranberry bogs of zombies. The hard part was the flooded bogs...

04:38 PM #
...Wading into the dark bogs feeling for submerged zombies didn't seem like a good idea, so Benny showed us a trick he'd been thinking of:

04:41 PM #
...It involved putting a metal pipe in the water and banging on it with a wrench. Twice, though it took awhile, it attracted underwater Zs.

05:14 PM #
The picking crews arrive tomorrow. We hope to actually start harvesting cranberries right away. Several bogs look good. Others, not. #zombie

05:17 PM #
Benny says we'll get maybe 25% of the pre-zompocalypse berry harvest out of most of the bogs. Not too bad. Most will have to be dry-picked.

05:20 PM #
A couple of the bogs we saw were too dry. A couple others were probably too wet early in the season. Some had zombies trapped in them.

05:23 PM #
The fear of contamination is real. Zombie blood, for one thing, is toxic. We think we'll have to test the wet-harvest using a hog or two.

06:54 PM #
@Bldrnrdeckard I've used CDs in stereos before, too. The hard part in this situation was reaching the underwater crawlers. Thus, the pipes.