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wausauloner - Mon Sep 26 2011

07:23 AM #
The picking crews radioed in. They're a half hour out. The dry-harvest pickers will be able to get started right away. It's slow, hard work.

07:26 AM #
They'll get a lot of good berries, but the real quantity will come when we flood and wet-harvest the bogs Benny says are more viable for it.

07:29 AM #
All the pumps we need to use to flood the bogs have been drained of diesel by previous scroungers, but the main convoy is bringing fuel.

07:32 AM #
With all the noise the motors, trucks, and people will be making, every zombie within a mile will be attracted. But we'll be ready for them.

08:18 AM #
The picking crews are here. They made a bunch of the comb-like picking scoops Benny showed them how to construct before leaving. Off we go.

05:11 PM #
We're back from the bogs. All our vehicles are safely inside this empty potato shed (its size and big doors were why we picked it).

05:14 PM #
Zombies weren't too problematic today, though a few were lured in from elsewhere by our noisiness. We already have many, many cranberries!

05:17 PM #
All the berries we have so far were dry-picked by crews walking the bogs. Though we did flood two bogs today after getting the pumps going.

05:20 PM #
We also got the wet-harvesting equipment fueled up and tested (had to replace some tires and ALL the batteries). We'll use them tomorrow.