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wausauloner - Tue Sep 27 2011

05:29 AM #
Radio call relayed from up north: Heavy rains, day after day, from Point on up have the Wisconsin River running high, and soon still higher.

05:32 AM #
With the dams washed out and the Wisconsin running its own varying course, we'll be keeping our distance from the unpredictable river today.

05:35 AM #
So I'm joining the cranberry harvest again instead of scouting out the secondary Anomaly. At least the rain makes the hard work easier...

05:38 AM #
The rain is helping fill the bogs. And even where the bogs are breached, the vines, when wet, are easier to "comb" with our handheld scoops.

05:41 AM #
The rain will also give us good noise cover as we use the harvesting equipment to pick the flooded bogs. We'll attract fewer zombies.

04:41 PM #
That was a long day of hard work in the bogs. Good thing living in the zompocalypse has made everyone more fit and willing to work. #zombies

04:44 PM #
I am amazed at how many cranberries we harvested! We've got 4 full trucks parked inside this shed near Plover, ready to head back tomorrow.

04:47 PM #
The trucks will convoy together (with a small escort in case they run into zombies or raiders). The rest of us are moving on to more bogs.