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wausauloner - Wed Sep 28 2011

05:16 AM #
Heavy fog has delayed the convoy's departure. We think it is natural and not zombie-related, though there are a few people feeling nervous.

07:26 AM #
The fog has burned off with the morning light. The convoy has departed, every eagle-eye in it watching out for zombies, Reapers, or raiders.

07:29 AM #
Most of the rest of us are heading out to the next bogs, but I'm taking a quick look at the secondary Anomaly, just to make sure of things.

09:52 AM #
I can see the bend of the river where zombies, muck, & debris piled up deep enough to start the formation of a secondary Anomaly...

09:55 AM #
The river is high with the recent rains, but nowhere near as high as it used to be before the dams washed out. The water is fast and muddy.

09:58 AM #
The new, untamed version of the Wisconsin River doesn't seem to follow a consistent path. It wanders through the sand of its old, wider bed.

10:03 AM #
It seems to cut new paths through this "golden sands" part of the state on a whim. This part is 200 yards from where it used to flow.

10:07 AM #
When I first discovered this zombie flotsam & the Anomaly it began to form last fall, I hoped that the river would re-route and break it up.

10:07 AM #
But the river has been too far away for too long. Well, at least the anomaly doesn't seem to be getting any stronger. I only have 3 bars.

10:10 AM #
I'm seeing lots of tweets come through from a world without zombies...I'm guessing my tweets are being seen by a wider audience again, too.

10:41 AM #
Well, I need to go let the others know what I've found. It's back to cranberry picking for me. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

05:04 PM #
We didn't get a lot of cranberries today. The late start and having to fix a pump at the new site really slowed the mechanized part down.