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wausauloner - Fri Sep 30 2011

07:04 AM #
I'm at the site of the secondary Anomaly forming at a bend in the Wisconsin River where 100s of zombies are buried in mucky debris.

07:07 AM #
There are a dozen of us here, in a place somewhere south of Hwy. 54 between Plover and Wisconsin Rapids. We're clearing out mobile zombies.

07:10 AM #
The Wisconsin River used to run east to west about 5 miles north of this place, but runaway floods changed its course twice in two years.

07:13 AM #
It now runs about 200 yards north of this position, moving away from where the floods of 2010 dumped zombies and other debris in a backwater

07:16 AM #
The telltale faint green glow of the forming Anomaly is different from the primary Anomaly in Wausau. It's bigger, more diffuse.

07:19 AM #
In a way, it's like the greenish fog that I saw before the main Anomaly coalesced two years ago, a month before the zombie plague broke out.

07:21 AM #
It's also different. It's at once both bigger and weaker. It may be because the source bodies are more spread out in the muck this time.

07:24 AM #
Past secondary Anomalies I discovered were formed when tight masses of zombies decomposed anaerobically in confined spaces. #zompocalypse

07:27 AM #
In the CD shelter under @WSAW & in the hold of the S.S. Badger near Bailey's Harbor, the gelatinous decomp was a medium for strange growths.

07:31 AM #
A black filigree of vein-like tendrils seemed to network the massed zombie bodies together. Anomalies emanated from the connected brains.

07:33 AM #
I think the same thing is happening deep in the muck, only the zombie bodies aren't as tightly packed so the resulting Anomaly is weaker.

09:43 AM #
We've sanitized the area of mobile zombies. It wasn't too hard, because the meandering river flattened all the farms & trees that were here.

09:46 AM #
We also spiked the skulls of all the exposed zombies stuck in the surface of the muck and debris in the big pile. No change in the Anomaly.

09:49 AM #
Now it's time to put my plan for dealing with the Anomaly into action. We've rounded up some backhoes and shovels. Time to start digging.

12:34 PM #
I knew it would be slow work, but digging up all the muck where the zombies have washed up is proving to be just about impossible.

12:37 PM #
Fortunately, my plan doesn't call for digging up the whole area where the zombies got caught in the backwater. We're mostly digging nearby.

03:07 PM #
That's it for today. We've dug out a long trench in the dryer sandy soil south of the zombie flotsam, almost up to the site. #zompocalypse

03:10 PM #
The sandy dirt has been piled up in long berm-like rows in a square nearby. We're going to camp inside it for the night. #zompcalypse

07:53 PM #
In the full dark of night, we can see more details of the green glowing zone above the muck that shows where the Anomaly is growing...

07:56 PM #
It's giving us a good picture of where the highest concentration of zombie bodies are. Those are the places we'll dig up close to tomorrow.

09:46 PM #
A zombie showed up to see what we have been up to. Fortunately, May was on guard duty with her bow. The dead thing never got up the berm.