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wausauloner - Sat Oct 01 2011

01:17 AM #
@Guancous Ha!

06:14 AM #
A second wandering zombie was trying to climb our defensive berm this morning. The man on late watch was asleep and missed it.

06:17 AM #
Fortunately, Shorty & another dog we have in our temporary camp caught the zombie's scent before it negotiated the soft, steep pile of dirt.

09:51 AM #
Even using the heavy equipment to scoop up the sandy earth near the zombie flotsam, there's no way we could excavate the entire site...

09:54 AM #
However, we are expanding the trench approaching it from the south on the opposite side, heading north towards the river's current channel.

12:59 PM #
Kurt and May have returned from searching a few area gravel pits for any salvageable explosives. They didn't find much. #zompocalypse

01:02 PM #
Zombies aren't affected much by explosives, unless they're hit in the head by shrapnel or are close enough for their brains to be pulped...

01:05 PM #
But we're not planning to use the explosives on the zombie pile itself. It's too big, and the sandy muck would absorb too much of the blast.

03:10 PM #
Our digging near the brightest portions of the Anomaly, as mapped out by last night's observations in the dark, found a few buried zombies.

03:13 PM #
A few wisps of black steam revealed the rapid oxidation of the connecting tendrils when exposed to air. We spiked the zombies, kept working.

10:31 PM #
The glow from the Anomaly looks the same tonight. The few zombies we were able to spike must be a drop in the bucket of what are buried here