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wausauloner - Tue Oct 04 2011

06:36 AM #
One of the scout teams has returned. They're with Benny's cranberry harvesting crews, planning which bogs further south are worth hitting.

06:39 AM #
I'm told they've also got news about The Reaper/Cannibal Gangs conflict. The scouts are coming up here this evening so I'll know more then.

10:33 AM #
We finished clearing out a big tangle of trees, telephone wires, electrical poles, and other debris in the line of our southern trench.

10:36 AM #
The mess had a lot of decomposing zombie parts in it. All that debris, powered by the raging river, really tore them up. #zompocalypse

06:02 PM #
I've been talking to scouts sent out to find out what the Rapture's Reapers, a predatory survivor group of cultists to our south, is up to.

06:04 PM #
The cult has been fighting a war over territory with another nasty survivor group, a loosely organized band of cannibal gangs. #zompocalypse

06:07 PM #
The scouts believe the war has stalemated, with neither side able to get past a series of fortified positions that line their borders.

06:10 PM #
Both the Reapers & the cannibal gangs seem to finally be trying their hands at farming. They must have figured out raiding is unsustainable.

06:13 PM #
The scouts saw large fields under the harvest in both groups' territories. A good sign? Not really: Both groups are using slave labor.

06:16 PM #
The scouts also overheard some radio traffic. If it's true, and not decoy broadcasts, many Reapers are heading south for the winter. #zombie

06:19 PM #
The overheard news did say, however, that the Reapers' border forts and main northern base at Camp McCoy will be maintained through winter.

06:22 PM #
It sounds too good to be true...Once again, the Reapers seem to be holding back from extending their raiding towards Wausau. #zompocalypse