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wausauloner - Wed Oct 05 2011

06:30 AM #
Kurt and May have been searching for explosives with disappointing results. We're going to have to use what we have to best effect. #zombies

06:33 AM #
Our trenches are nearly done. Most of the work is now happening at the far north end, where we've built a small dam using telephone poles.

06:36 AM #
At this point, the wall of horizontally laid telephone poles are shoring up a sandy area between the river and the trench. #zompocalypse

06:39 AM #
Other poles are placed in the trench-side of the wall, sunk into the earth and braced up diagonally into the wall, buttressing it.

06:42 AM #
So, basically, we're almost ready for the next big rainstorm up north. Now we dig on the other side of the wall to weaken it, and wait.

10:24 AM #
We just lost one of the backhoes in the river. The bank it was sitting on collapsed into the water. Fortunately, the operator got out safely

02:12 PM #
The loss of the backhoe in the river has given us an idea... We might be able to make our own partial dam in the water to reroute the river!

02:16 PM #
A few buses dropped into the water at just the right spot might gather up enough other debris in the river to reroute it into our trench. Hm

02:18 PM #
My original idea was to blow up the last barrier between our trench and the river, but the lack of explosives is forcing some creativity.