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wausauloner - Thu Oct 06 2011

06:16 AM #
I'm out with Jason, looking for vehicles we can drive into the river in the sandy wash area where it has been meandering for the 18 months.

06:19 AM #
The floods that caused the river to run wild occurred 6 months after the zombies rose up and civilization collapsed. Nobody tended the dams.

06:22 AM #
One of the consequences of that, besides the destruction of the dams themselves, was destructive flooding. It flattened this area completely

06:25 AM #
This sandy area near Plover was once a glacial wash. Now the river cuts through the sand as it pleases, constantly changing course.

06:28 AM #
Some time over a year ago, a backwater in the river filled up with debris--including countless zombie bodies caught up in the current.

06:32 AM #
Those zombie bodies, now buried deep in the muck, have begun anaerobic decomposition, leading to the formation of a secondary "Anomaly."

06:34 AM #
Such Anomalies are weaknesses between worlds that spread the zombie plague. They also allow signals, like my tweets, to leak through.

06:37 AM #
In order to disrupt this Anomaly, we need to break up the blob of putrescent zombie flesh feeding it. We're rerouting the river to do so.

10:47 AM #
Jason and I found a tanker truck and rig some other survivors drained of fuel long ago. A little fuel and a fresh battery will get it going.

12:14 PM #
The tanker truck is in the river. Not quite in the right place, but we'll make up in quantity what we lack in accuracy. Another is going in.

12:19 PM #
@mattress We've salvaged thousands & thousands of car batteries from abandoned cars. Even with many in large storage arrays, we have plenty.

12:31 PM #
Kurt dropped a bus in the river alongside the rig I rolled in. He drove it in himself, taking a chance. The cold water is dangerous, dark.

12:34 PM #
May is giving Kurt abuse for taking that crazy risk. You never know when a zombie is being carried along by the current under the surface.

06:13 PM #
Several more vehicles went into the river before we had to stop work because of darkness. We made some progress with our makeshift dam.