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wausauloner - Fri Oct 07 2011

05:24 AM #
We awoke this morning to find our impromptu river-damming project has already altered the river's flow, despite only partially progress...

05:27 AM #
The vehicles we drove into the river from both banks have narrowed the main current, setting up circular eddies behind them. #zompocalypse

05:30 AM #
The result has been a steady widening of the river behind the dam as the circular flows erode sandy banks. It's working towards our trench.

05:33 AM #
It looks like our explosives won't be necessary. Well, maybe to blow apart the reinforcing telephone poles we set up inside the trench.

06:53 AM #
We've set fire to the telephone poles we used in the wall reinforcing the last bit of sand between our trench and the river. Now we wait.

09:06 AM #
The eddying currents behind our partial dam of the Wisconsin River have collected some waterlogged zombies. They're spinning around & around

09:50 AM #
It looks like we have awhile before the river gets to our trench. We're using the time to take shots at the zombies caught in the eddies.

09:53 AM #
It's good practice, shooting at the small, moving targets (a zombie's head isn't very big). It will keep everybody sharp for the next phase.

10:18 AM #
We've evacuated the northern trench. The last two backhoes are opening up the southern trench at the riverbank, down to the waterline.

01:01 PM #
It looks like the river will breach the barrier between the bank and trench any time now. We're leaving the area west of our trench.

01:04 PM #
When the river hits the trench, this whole area between our trench & the river will become an island. Not a good place to be. #zompocalypse

01:07 PM #
The trench we cut is a diagonal line cutting off a slow round arc of the river, giving it a straight path to & through the zombie "pothole."

01:10 PM #
If this works, the river will take our encouragement & reroute itself through the clot of zombies, dispersing them & disrupting the anomaly.

02:02 PM #
Any time now. There's steam rising from the still-burning embers of the telephone pole wall. Water is leaking through somewhere. #zombies

02:09 PM #
There it goes! ...the log wall gave way. Water is pouring into the trench, rushing along its length...nearing the mucky, zombie-filled area.

02:20 PM #
I gave Jason my .22 rifle so he could get in some practice with a gun. His hatchet isn't useful in a situation like this. #zompocalypse

02:31 PM #
Already, the rushing water is chewing away at the mass of muck, sand, debris, and zombies. It's carrying away some of it. #zompocalypse

02:34 PM #
Everyone is lining up along the eastern bank of our trench, guns ready. We'll headshot all the zombies that the water exposes from the muck.

02:37 PM #
Since zombies sink more often than they float, some will be washed away downstream. They may collect in another backwater elsewhere...

02:40 PM #
...but this clot of zombies probably formed during the floods of the first post-zompocalypse spring, so a repeat occurrence is unlikely.

02:58 PM #
This could take time. The river quickly erodes the muck the zombies are trapped in, but not debris like cables, wire, fencing, trees, & cars

03:15 PM #
When the rushing water dislodges a hunk of sand or pulls away a bit of debris, a hail of gunfire falls upon any exposed zombie...

03:18 PM #
In seconds, a round finds the zombie's skull. Then the arms and legs that began stirring when freed from the mud go slack. #zompocalypse

03:41 PM #
A huge wall of writhing zombie flesh was just exposed by the raging river, which is now crashing hard into one side of the zombie muckpile.

03:44 PM #
It's definitely a spot where the black filigree that grows in anaerobically decomposing zombie flesh, networking their brains, was extensive

03:47 PM #
We could see the inky tendrils for a moment, dark ribbons in the translucent flesh, before they began oxidizing upon contact with the air.

03:50 PM #
The Anomaly formed by the zombie pile is still present and strong. It is still visible and I still have 4 bars on my phone...

03:53 PM #
The "weakness between worlds" that allows signals like my tweets (& the zombie plague) must be being fed by more than what we've seen so far

04:13 PM #
All our gunfire has complicated things. We just noticed a zombie has been shambling toward us across the sandy wasteland to the east.

04:16 PM #
It was dispatched easily, but it shows that we have to be wary of threats to our rear, even after clearing the area repeatedly. #zombies

04:31 PM #
It looks like we'll be here for awhile into the night. Cars are being moved up to illuminate the zombie pothole area & the water downstream.

04:34 PM #
We're also aiming some headlights out into the sandy wash behind us. It may attract more zombies, but at least we'll be able to see them.

05:03 PM #
A lot of zombie bodies being exposed by the eroding water are, more accurately, parts and pieces of zombies. We mostly watch for heads.

05:06 PM #
Sometimes the heads are attached to full bodies. More often, the arms and legs were torn away by the flood. But those aren't the worst...

05:09 PM #
Sometimes the heads are the only things recognizable in a blob of congealed goo that used to be flesh. Anaerobic decomp is really gross.

06:19 PM #
The river's erosion of the area where the zombies collected is continuing, but it is slower now. I've lost a bar on my phone. Good sign.

08:10 PM #
Shooting a zombie in the head, accurately, while it is being carried along by an untamed river, in the dark, is NOT easy. #zompocalypse

09:01 PM #
Some people who were picking cranberries today have showed up. They braved travel by night to be a part of this important operation. #zombie

09:04 PM #
They say cranberry picking is pretty much done in these parts, so they're convoying back up to the main survivor bases tomorrow. #zombies

09:50 PM #
After making sure no zombies approached our position by land, we turned off all the vehicle headlights illuminating the area...

09:53 PM #
...I was prepared--having kept my eyes closed for awhile to regain my night vision--and in the full dark, I could see changes in the Anomaly

09:56 PM #
It has definitely shrunk, and some parts have faded in intensity. It looks like we're successfully disrupting the zombie pile feeding it.

09:59 PM #
One theory we all feared was that Anomalies left to strengthen too long become permanent. It would explain the primary Wausau Anomaly...

10:02 PM #
That Anomaly appeared spontaneously. THEN zombies showed up. Perhaps it originated from another zombie pile on another world? #zompocalypse

10:05 PM #
If the theory is correct, then might we be preventing the zombie plague from spreading to another world by disrupting this Anomaly?

10:07 PM #
@firsthour Wow, Macha got them over 500? They didn't do so well back when the game was still played here. Well, the bats sure come in handy.

10:30 PM #
I've lost another bar. If this Anomaly keeps weakening, it will stop allowing my tweets through. I'll keep sending updates as long as I can.

10:33 PM #
If we are successful and we completely eliminate this secondary Anomaly, I will be out of contact until I return to Wausau. #zompocalypse

10:36 PM #
Once I get close enough to the original Anomaly, I will send updates again. I take the promise I made to @ProfPierson seriously. #zombies