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wausauloner - Tue Oct 11 2011

05:34 AM #
Heading out to Ruth's house to pick her up for the Harvest Festival out at the Farm Colonies. It's our second since the zombies rose.

05:37 AM #
This year's event is a bigger deal than last year's: It's going to be a two-day affair. The reason? So everybody can attend in shifts.

05:40 AM #
Half of those who want to attend from the various survivor outposts in the area will be there today, the other half will be there tomorrow.

05:43 AM #
That way more people from each scattered survivor group will make closer ties to other groups--and nobody's home will be empty & vulnerable.

07:14 AM #
I'm out at the Farm Colonies west of town. The main colony center is abuzz. Food is cooking. All the inner anti-zombie walls are decorated.

07:17 AM #
I smell apple pies! I guess other crews were busy in the orchards in the weeks I was out of touch. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

07:41 AM #
There's fresh-baked bread, too! I wonder if it is from scrounged flour or the grain planted with seed salvaged from the train in Brokaw?

07:44 AM #
It's the latter. Pete is proudly showing off the concrete grinding wheels some of his people devised to mill it into flour. #zompocalypse

09:34 AM #
Homebrew beer and salvaged liquor are already flowing freely. It may seem early in the day, but some need to leave the festival before dark.

10:03 AM #
The food is being served in the big barn that is used for most public events here. Long rows of tables are set up with a stage at one end.

10:06 AM #
The food is much better than last year, with more variety and greater quantity. And this time: No dog meat. The zombies can't keep us down!

10:58 AM #
I am stuffed. I tried everything, but especially loved the fresh venison, potatoes, carrots, bread, and cranberry sauce (of course).

11:02 AM #
There's fresh milk, too (the herds are growing), though not enough to go around--just enough for everyone to have half a cup. #zompocalypse

11:20 AM #
Apple pie is being served! Man, am I glad I fulfilled that scrounging request for cinnamon. It will be a sad day when it runs out. #zombies

11:52 AM #
Pete is addressing the crowd. He & the other leaders of the various survivor groups are each taking turns at the podium. Encouraging words.

12:15 PM #
To keep the mood up, Pete and the other leaders aren't naming specific threats (we all know the zombies, Reapers, and others are out there).

12:18 PM #
...But they are stressing the value of working together & trusting one another, using the example of our southern expedition as an example.

12:21 PM #
Sue is missing all of this. She and the other survivor groups' ad hoc medicos are having a conference of their own, sharing tips and tricks.

12:54 PM #
We are being treated to a surprise: The colonies' children are performing in a choir, singing everything from nursery rhymes to pop songs.

01:25 PM #
WOW...everybody is in tears as a young girl named Lindsey Marie sings a beautiful version of Ave Maria. She can't be older than six!

01:32 PM #
Time for a couple hours of dancing before the approach of sundown forces some guests to leave. The smart-ass DJ from last year is back...

01:35 PM #
...He's playing "She's Not There" by the Zombies as his opening song. Surprisingly few people seem offended. I guess that's a good sign.

02:11 PM #
Kurt & May are getting a special dance: They married here last year. Other couples also united since the zombies rose are joining in.

03:44 PM #
Some of the guests from other survivor enclaves are staying overnight, but those who need to travel are making their goodbyes. I'm staying.

04:12 PM #
Sue has finally arrived to partake of the evening's round of food and festivities. I'm being told there will be no more tweeting today!