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wausauloner - Wed Oct 12 2011

07:11 AM #
Day two of the Harvest Festival out here at the Farm Colonies is already underway. Me? I'm a little hung over and getting a late start.

08:21 AM #
I'm joining some of the "tours" Pete is having his people give, sharing knowledge with other survivors of the zompocalypse.

08:42 AM #
There are workers here processing all the cranberries & apples recently picked. They're juicing some, drying a lot, making fruit leather...

08:45 AM #
There's a big discussion as the various groups talk about their experiments making pemmican. It's a good, high energy preserved food.

08:48 AM #
The fact that it processes for preservation a lot of venison and cranberries, two foodstuffs we currently have a lot of, is a big plus.

09:54 AM #
There's actually a lot of information-sharing going on today, as people from the various survivor groups trade goods as well as know-how.

10:02 AM #
More great food today in the main barn. I'm having some feral pig ham, wild rice, and corn. The Tesomas group brought the rice. #zombies

12:31 PM #
Word must have gotten around that little Lindsey Marie was going to sing Ave Maria again today. The crowd is MUCH bigger than yesterday.

01:03 PM #
All the children are being appreciated--and are showing their appreciation in return by belting out their songs to the huge crowd assembled

01:06 PM #
Somehow, Jason's young friends even got him to join the choir, though it is apparent he only knows a few of the words. #zompocalypse

01:31 PM #
Lindsey Marie's voice is enthralling. For awhile, she made everyone forget about the zombies, the Reapers, the cannibals...all of it. Gone.

02:06 PM #
The beer, booze, and music are taking over the party again. I think I'll take it a bit easier tonight, if Sue lets me. #zompocalypse

03:20 PM #
I was trying to meet all the people from the other survivor groups today before they left, but there were so many today that I missed some.

03:23 PM #
Already, several small groups have taken off so they can be back home before dark. Nobody wants to travel zombie-strewn roads at night.

05:02 PM #
The party is continuing, but all the young children are complaining because they can't be a part of it. It's a dawn to dusk world for them.

05:20 PM #
There may be some children missing. I'm going to find out what's going on.

05:23 PM #
Nobody can find Lindsey Marie, the girl who sang so beautifully. Jason is missing, too. though that might not be related. Many questions...

05:43 PM #
A sweep of the inner keep didn't turn up the kids--but a man in a guard tower is dead, shot in the back by an arrow. This party is over.

06:02 PM #
Everyone from the party is fanning out with torches and flashlights, trying to find a sign of Jason or Lindsey Marie. Or the mystery archer.

06:32 PM #
Someone found Jason's hatchet. It was bloody, discarded near where some Amherst people parked their cars. Blood on the passenger door...

06:37 PM #
Someone tried to hotwire the car, but didn't finish the job. No blood inside. A pool outside. And a trail. Our best trackers are on it...

06:58 PM #
The trail is leading us far from the Farm's cleared lands, into woods that might not be entirely free of zombies. There's a lot of blood.

07:16 PM #
We found a dead man. It looks like he bled out from a deep axe wound to his forearm--a defensive wound. We think he was at the party.

07:18 PM #
We've got people from every area survivor group here. Several people saw him at the party, but all assumed he was with another group.

07:21 PM #
He was seen with another man most of the time. Both had been armed with bows, which isn't unusual for anyone these days. His is missing now.

07:24 PM #
His arrows are missing too. I can't see how the other man could be carrying his own gear, this guy's stuff, and the two kids...

07:27 PM #
We just found an arrow stuck shallowly into a tree in plain sight. I think Jason wounded this guy, then followed as they took off...

07:30 PM #
...He found this guy, dead of the wound, then took his bow and arrows and is now showing us which way to follow. Good boy, Jason!

07:48 PM #
We've found a series of arrows, all leading us south. The trail is harder to follow, but the arrows are helping us move faster.

08:01 PM #
We've been trying to hide our lights and move quieter, pausing to listen now and then in case we're getting close to the kidnapper. Nothing.

08:10 PM #
Someone just kicked up a zombie, up close. They had to shoot to protect themselves. We may have given ourselves away. #zompocalypse

08:51 PM #
We found Jason, he was sitting on the ground, crying, next to a minibike. He shot his last arrow at the man who had Lindsey Marie...

08:54 PM #
...But he missed and the man pulled out a pistol, keeping Jason at bay until he'd tied Lindsey Marie to his chest and rode off on a 2nd bike

08:57 PM #
The man has a half hour head start, maybe more. We've got cars rendezvousing with us here where we came out of the woods. #zompocalypse

09:00 PM #
Jason said he was out peeing in the dark when he saw one man holding his hand over Lindsey Marie's mouth near the car we found...

09:03 PM #
He told the man to let her go, but didn't know the other man was in the car trying to hotwire it until almost too late. His speed saved him.

09:10 PM #
Our ride is almost here. Pete also called ahead to the early warning outposts south of here to put up roadblocks and be ready.

09:20 PM #
We've got cars fanning out on many roads heading south from here. It's dangerous driving at night. We've avoided deer and zombies already.

09:41 PM #
My Blackberry is on its last bar again. We are getting far from The Anomaly and my signal is weak. Still haven't found Lindsey Marie.

09:44 PM #
I'm one of five men in an old Marathon County squad car. We've got handheld halogen lights shining out the sides, looking for any sign.

09:47 PM #
I'm the radioman in this group, sitting in the middle seat in back. It's hard not to keep calling in with questions but I have to listen.

09:55 PM #
Radio call from an outpost ahead on our highway...minibike headlight in sight. We're just a few miles back! Driver is punching it...

10:01 PM #
The guy on the minibike saw the roadblock in time & went off-road. The watcher at the outpost is chasing, easily keeping pace from the road.

10:04 PM #
Our man at the outpost got a good look at the rider and Lindsey Marie. She's still tied to his chest, riding on his lap, distressed but OK.

10:07 PM #
We've caught up. The taillights of both vehicles are visible. The light cone from the minibike's headlamp is bouncing wildly in the field.

10:10 PM #
The kidnapper knows we can't get to him, nor shoot him for fear of hitting Lindsey Marie. He keeps trying to find a path away from the road.

10:13 PM #
The outpost watcher thinks he knows the path the minibikes used to sneak their way in. Cars can't use it, so he's moving ahead to cut it off

10:18 PM #
Our driver just slammed on the breaks--something happened just over the next hill. The outpost watcher hit something, his car is rolling...

10:21 PM #
Silhouetted figures ahead lit by the flipped cars headlights...they're zombies. Can't see how many. Some in the minibike's path...

10:24 PM #
The minibike is weaving through the zombies. We can see the old bike path the outpost watcher was headed toward. We can make it there first!

10:27 PM #
Our driver drove right through two zombies in the way and blocked the narrow bridge over a creek that marked the start of the bike path...

10:30 PM #
The kidnapper turned his bike around and is heading back north the way he came. We've got other cars coming that way. We have to stay.

10:39 PM #
It's frustrating, stuck here playing goalie, but the kidnapper can't get past us. The last zombie just went down. The outpost watcher: dead.

10:51 PM #
Radio call from up the road: Another borrowed squad car spotted the minibike and forced the kidnapper into swampy ground. He crashed.

10:54 PM #
By the time our people got close to the crash site, the kidnapper was gone, leaving his minibike behind. He still has little Lindsey Marie.

10:57 PM #
The kidnapper took Lindsey Marie into the swamp. Her adoptive parents (she was an I39 orphan on the day the zombies rose) are on the scene.

11:06 PM #
All our cars in the chase are converging on the roads defining a 1-mile square around the portion of the swamp the kidnapper entered.

11:25 PM #
Pete thinks the perimeter went up in time: The kidnapper is trapped somewhere inside the swamp. 3 of us are heading up to follow him in.